A Credit Card with No Foreign Transaction Fees and Awesome Anytime Awards Travel


August 28, 2014 by danisdecadentdeals

credit cards, no foreign transaction fees, anytime rewards travel

Capital One – Best Credit Cards No Foreign Transaction Fees

There are so many different credit cards out there & that makes it so hard to find the right one! I have wrote other credit card articles in the past including a great Concert Presales Code Credit Card, a Great Travel  Program Credit Card with free companion fare yearly, and a card that Gives Discounts on Movie Tickets.  I love to research credit cards to find that best deals possible and one option that was important to me was a card with No foreign transaction fees!

credit cards, no foreign transaction fees, anytime rewards travel

Capital One Venture Credit Card

I started to research credit cards with no foreign transaction fees when I realized that every time I travelled out of the country, a portion of getting ready for my trip was to call my different credits and debit cards to see which card had the lowest foreign transaction fees.  Some cards charge up to 2 or 3 percent on each dollar you spend overseas!! This is highway robbery if you ask me!

credit cards, no foreign transaction fees, anytime rewards travel

Rome Travels at the Colosseum

Every time I travel to Europe from America, it is so much more expensive to afford everything from dining out to hotels because the Euro is worth so much more than the dollar with the exchange rate.  I was determined to find a way to spend fewer fees on items that I am paying higher prices for because of these silly credit card foreign transaction fees.

In researching No foreign transaction fee credit cards, I found there were not very many options, but I did find one option that I fell in love with!  I read about the Capital One credit card and found that capital one credit cards have no foreign transaction fee options!  When I originally searched for credit cards with no transaction fees a few years back, I was only able to find 2 or 3 options. It seems like the options have grown since then, but are still somewhat limited.

credit cards, no foreign transaction fees, anytime rewards travel

Travelling afar on the Plane

For the purposes of this article, I researched once again credit cards that have no transaction fees and came across Capital One (many different card options- some with annual fees, some with none.) BankAmeriCard Travel Rewards, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Barclay Card (2 options & one Discovery Card option. I was so very happy to see there are so many new options! For details on each of these card options, you can visit this site –> Smart Credit Card Choices

credit cards, no foreign transaction fees, anytime rewards travel

Cancun Mexico Travels 1

While I have not extensively researched all of the cards above, I can tell you that with Capital One, you have a choice of 10 different options including business cards!  To see the details of each of the Capital One Credit cards that all exhibit No foreign transaction fees, see their web link here -> Capital One Credit Card Options.  

I like to be able to use my credit card to accrue mileage points for travel and I love to use it travelling abroad with no foreign transaction fees and Capital One had the perfect credit card for me! The card is called Venture Rewards and it is a Visa Signature Card which brings about even more great options…I will be writing an article about those perks in the near future!

credit cards, no foreign transaction fees, anytime rewards travel

Ross Castle – Ireland Travels

With the Capital One Venture Rewards Card I was awarded a one-time bonus of 40,000 miles once I spent $3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months, I am able to earn unlimited 2X miles on every purchase, every day.  I also have the ability to fly any airline, stay at any hotel, anytime, travel whenever I choose to do so with no blackout dates, my miles never expire, there is no limit to the miles I can earn, there are no foreign transaction fees and there is no annual fee for the first year; & only $59 after that!

credit cards, no foreign transaction fees, anytime rewards travel

Cancun Mexico Travels 2

I truly love this card with all of the features it has! I am currently in the process of attempting to book a trip with an American Airlines Credit Card Rewards program & an Alaska Airlines Rewards Credit card program for 2 tickets first class to Europe & I have the points to do so, but the options for travel are simply not there.  With Capital One Venture, I love that I have no blackout dates and my miles can be used for any flight at anytime, anywhere I choose! If you are looking for an awesome credit card with no foreign transaction fees and the ability to use your rewards for anything you see fit from travel to shopping, Capital one has the right card for you!!!

credit cards, no foreign transaction fees, anytime rewards travel

Blarney Castle – Ireland Travels

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credit cards, no foreign transaction fees, anytime rewards travel

Gorgeous Beach in Cancun


16 thoughts on “A Credit Card with No Foreign Transaction Fees and Awesome Anytime Awards Travel

  1. Jim Striegel says:

    Great info. I remember in Europe using cards could be a hassle if you don’t notify your credit card company your traveling ahead of time.

  2. One thing to remember in Europe (and in Ecuador also) is that most places accept Visa but not many places accept Master Card. It’s not very well know card neither in Europe or here in Ecuador.

  3. Laurel Bill says:

    I have heard others say good things about Capital One, too. Will check it out. Thanks!

  4. Manu Kalia says:

    I wish my card offers same as this. Amazing how the benefit it is when traveling

  5. Traveling abroad is expensive anymore. When I was in Germany many years ago the dollar was stronger than the Mark, that was great. But no longer that way. Credit and debit card fees don’t make it any easier.

  6. I love taking trips abraod but don’t like the plane ride. My BF travels every single weekend. I don’t know how he does it

  7. […] see some other awesome credit cards I recommend see these articles here –> NO Foreign Transaction Fees Credit Card & an Awesome Travel Credit […]

  8. […] transaction fees so you do not have to pay an extra percent in addition to a higher fee because of our exchange rate.  What this basically means is that when an item in Europe is a certain price in Euros it is always a bit more money in American dollars and if you also have a credit card with foreign transaction fees, you can also end up paying an extra 1-3% on each item, which is extra money that you could be saving.  To read about my favorite option for this type of card, see my article here –> Credit Card with No Foreign Transaction Fees. […]

  9. Yeah, Capital One is great in that none of their cards have the foreign transaction fee. Lots of other cards joining them nowadays. Personally, I like the Bank of America Travel Rewards Visa — no forex fee, no annual fee, good travel rewards, especially if you have a banking relationship with them.

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