grapeline wine tours, paso robles, wines, travel

Grapeline Wine Tours for Temecula, Santa Barbara and Paso Robles Rock

grapeline wine tours, paso robles, wines, travel
Dani with Grapeline Tour Bus

This past week my husband and I visited Paso Robles Wine Country to celebrate both of our birthdays. Every year we like to do something special to celebrate our special days & this year was no exception.  The day in between our birthdays (we call our joint birthday because we are 2 days apart) is a special day for both of us and we decided to do something fun!  We chose to go on a wine tasting adventure with Grapeline Wine Tours!

grapeline wine tours, paso robles, wines, travel
Past Wine Adventures on Grapeline


In the past we have used Grapeline Wine Tours and we are quite fond of them!  If you have never heard of them, you must check them out and if you have heard of them, I am sure you love them just as much as I do! 🙂  Grapeline has over 500 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp for wine tours and I cannot say I am surprised because they rock!  Grapeline Wine Tours operate in the Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Temecula Wine Regions.

grapeline wine tours, paso robles, wines, travel
Wine Tasting Girly Getaway with friends

The way Grapeline operates is that you book a tour in advance on one of their awesome air conditioned motor shuttles and they cart you around all day to drink wine at four wineries and a picnic lunch. There is also an opportunity for individual tours and with all tours they come to pick you up at most local hotels and drop you back off there at the end of the day.

grapeline wine tours, paso robles, wines, travel
Wine Tasting Adventures with Grapeline over the years

The “Vineyard Picnic Tour,” the most popular option (the tour that we took) costs $109 for an all-inclusive day trip which includes wine tasting at four wineries and a catered picnic lunch in a gorgeous wine country setting! All tasting tickets at the different wineries are provided as well!  There is also a private shuttle option with a completely customizable schedule.  The a-la-carte adventure at $69 does not include wine tasting fees or lunch.  Wine tours from Grapeline depart around 10:30 am and come back in the late afternoon.  Reservations are required and a variety of lunch selections are then offered for the tour, including a variety of sandwiches and wraps, accompanied with Mixed Greens Salad, brie, fruit, crackers and a dessert bar.

grapeline wine tours, paso robles, wines, travel
Fritz, Our amazing tour guide

Our Grapeline Tour was a really fun adventure with an awesome tour guide, named Fritz!  The whole day Fritz made us smile and laugh!  He took us to some of the most awesome wineries that we wanted to visit!  We went to Justin Winery, Halter Ranch, Rotta Winery, and Bella Luna Winery.  We also made a stop at an olive oil company called, Pasolive Olive Oil where they do olive oil tastings & sell oils, vinegars, herbs, salts, jams and a variety of other amazing goods! It was awesome because Fritz asked if there was any specific area we wanted to visit and he kindly set up an itinerary based upon our wants and desires.

grapeline wine tours, paso robles, wines, travel
Dani with a big bottle of Justin

Justin Winery was a winery we have always wanted to visit because we regularly order their wines with dinner here where we live in Southern California.  It was so awesome to go to the winery itself because there were so many more varietals there than we have tried at home!  Isosceles is always pretty amazing for a red, but we were quite pleased with all of the varietals we tried! 

grapeline wine tours, paso robles, wines, travel
Halter Ranch Winery Property – House from Arachnophobia movie

Our stop to Halter Ranch Winery was pretty awesome in that we have attended their wine dinners here in Orange County in the past & we loved their wines. It was so neat to see the Halter Ranch property, including the house that was used for the movie, Arachnophobia that is on the tour!  We never would have known that tidbit if Fritz had not shared with us! This was such a gorgeous property and such a beautiful place to have our picnic lunch, which was amazing food and flavors might I add! 

grapeline wine tours, paso robles, wines, travel
Pasolivo Olive Oil Company

The next stop was Pasolivo Olive Oil Company which was a quaint building that had a variety of goodies inside.  We definitely left with our fair share of olive oils, balsamic vinegars, spices, and my personal favorite, truffle salt!! 

grapeline wine tours, paso robles, wines, travel
Rotta Winery – One of the oldest wineries in Paso Robles

The third winery we visited was Rotta Winery and this was a pretty amazing property because it was one of the oldest wineries in Paso Robles and was established in 1908!  There were some great red varietals at this winery and some of the oldest grapevines I have ever seen!  This one is an amazing property to visit for all of the historians out there, including an original home for the original winemakers that is now the office for the business. 

grapeline wine tours, paso robles, wines, travel
Bella Luna Wines

The fourth and last winery we visited was Bella Luna Winery.  I was greeted by the nicest dogs at this winery that were named Captain & Sadie.  Captain and I made an instant connection and he was my best friend for the entirety of our visit!  The wines at Bella Luna were bold in flavor and were a lively Italian Tuscan style which made me reminiscent of my visit to Italy in 2003! They are known for their Fighter Pilot Red wine and we had to take home a couple of bottles! Yum!! 

grapeline wine tours, paso robles, wines, travel
Vineyard Picnic lunch – Delicious!!

We absolutely loved Grapeline Tours and will use them again in the future!  I would love to hear about your experiences with Grapeline Tours below!  Please share.:)  Happy tasting!

grapeline wine tours, paso robles, wines, travel
Wine Grapes on the Rotta Winery Property

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12 thoughts on “Grapeline Wine Tours for Temecula, Santa Barbara and Paso Robles Rock

  1. We are fans of Halter Ranch, but never knew that was where Arachnaphobia was filmed. Completely agree with Isosceles, you can bet you are getting a solid wine. I was amazed by the completely new styled tasting room. and Captain and Sadie are a fantastic welcoming crew. They take their jobs seriously! LOL

    1. Halter Ranch was a fabulous property with some great wines! The arachnaphobia was an interesting fact.:) Thank you for all of your fabulous input about what you love in the Paso Region! Those dogs were amazing! Next time I need to come check out Dracaena Wines! 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment! I hope to meet you and come to your winery one day soon:)

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