Creamistry, Nitrogen ice cream , ice cream
Creamistry Entrance – Creamistry Irvine

Have you been in to Creamistry yet?  Why is it so special…isn’t it just another ice cream place you ask….Well I am here to tell you this place is very unique!  Creamistry makes their ice cream with nitrogen!  When I first heard this I was quite inquisitive and did not understand what the point of that is.  After visiting Creamistry on my own I became well aware of the creamy goodness of this icy flavored treat!

Creamistry, Nitrogen ice cream , ice cream
Nitrogen for Ice Cream – Creamistry Irvine

Why use nitrogen?  I questioned that myself until I tried this ice cream and the texture is quite different than your standard scoop of ice cream. First off, it seems much thicker to me, much more smooth and creamy in consistency, and my personal favorite feature is that it seems to take forever to melt!

Creamistry, Nitrogen ice cream , ice cream
Dani Double Fisted – Creamistry Irvine

Normally when I get an ice cream cone, I am eating it as fast as I can because of its’ melting properties and let’s face it I am usually one that enjoys ice cream when it is hot outside, so that is a double whammy in terms of melting time!

Upon entering Creamistry, you can see the “Creamologists” hard at work perfecting each individual ice cream purchase for individual customers as they arrive and order!  As you enter Creamistry, there is condensation that looks like smoke everywhere that quickly evaporates as more is produced. I was pretty fascinated with this production and I was so happy to hear that they use all natural and organic, high quality premium ingredients! With over 40 different ice cream flavors & 50 mix-ins/toppings, the possibilities of flavors are endless!

Creamistry, Nitrogen ice cream , ice cream
Creamistry Staff hard at work 1 – Creamistry Irvine

On our visit to Creamistry, we tried 3 different blended flavors, one of them being the most popular flavor sold in the store which was called, “Cookie Butter.”The cookie bitter was an ice cream flavor that was blended with marshmallow cream and was very rich in flavor.  The second flavor we tried was the Captain Crunch Ice Cream blended in with Captain Crunch cereal.  It was very sweet and my husband is obsessed with Captain Crunch, so he devoured it quickly!  The third flavor, which was my personal favorite was a Salted Caramel ice cream topped with snickers and cheesecake…quite decadent, smooth, and creamy…and yes sweet of course!

Creamistry, Nitrogen ice cream , ice cream
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream – Creamistry Irvine

Would you like to try Creamistry yourself? They have new locations popping up all over California.:) Most recently there was Cerritos & soon to come is Belmont Shores!  To enter my contest to win a FREE scoop of ice cream to Creamistry at the Irvine store or the new Belmont Shores store, enter through my link here

–> a Rafflecopter giveaway

Creamistry, Nitrogen ice cream , ice cream
Captain Crunch – Creamistry Irvine

Please put your preference for which store you would like a gift card for in your comment on this post when entering my contest on Rafflecopter so I know which one to give you. 🙂 Good luck!

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