Nekter Juice Bar, juice cleanse

Nekter Juice Bar – Fast, Fresh and Fabulous

Nekter Juice Bar, juice cleanse
Nekter Juice Bar Mission Viejo

This year I have really been focused on getting healthy…Ok this health kick actually started last June when I went to the doctor and saw my cholesterol rates were climbing from all of the food blogging I do. With that in mind, I quickly changed my diet and brought everything back into normal range within three months!  All it took was a few tweaks to my diet and a bit more exercise. 

Nekter Juice Bar, juice cleanse
Dani with her PB Bowl – Nekter Juice Bar Mission Viejo

Since then I have been focused on staying fit and eating healthy throughout the week, so I can “afford” my weekends and eat whatever I choose!  This plan seems to be working pretty well for me as the weight has been falling off from the 12,000/day walking steps I have incorporated into my daily routine.

Nekter Juice Bar, juice cleanse
A Variety of Nekter Jucie Bar Goodies






I was recently approached by the folks over at the Nekter Juice Bar  to try out their products and of course I kindly obliged. As a matter of fact, I have been back to visit Nekter Juice Bar twice in the past 2 weeks, so I could share about a variety of their yummy, refreshing and healthy items they have in store!

Nekter Juice Bar, juice cleanse
Making wheatgrass juice – Nekter Juice Bar Mission Viejo

I had heard of Nekter Juice Bar before and I also found that I conveniently had one located only 5 miles from my house! With locations throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Texas they were are popping up everywhere and continue to grow. To see if there is a location near you, see their list of locations here –> Nekter Juice Bar Locations.

Nekter Juice Bar, juice cleanse
Wheatgrass ready to be juiced – Nekter Juice Bar

When I got to Nekter Juice Bar, there were so many choices and I was unsure of what to order. All I knew for sure was that I wanted a 1 ounce shot of wheatgrass juice which is actually equivalent to 2 ½ pounds of green vegetables.  Wheatgrass never has the best flavor, but it is so packed full of nutrients, so you try your best to make yourself believe it tastes good! 🙂

Nekter Juice Bar, juice cleanse
The Greenie and Wheatgrass Juices – Nekter Juice Bar

In addition to wheatgrass juice I got a berry banana burst smoothie (16 ounces) and only 320 calories, an acai bowl called the pb bowl at 520 calories, the greenie juice (24 ounces) only 180 calories, one grab n’ go Classic Greens juice cleanse, and bag of terra vegetable chips.  Mind you this was 2 separate visits, one visit by me and one visit with another person. 🙂  $30 certainly goes a long way as it is what I spent in my 2 visits…  Healthy items at a decent price and freshly made…You cannot beat that! 🙂

Nekter Juice Bar, juice cleanse
Berry Banana Burst Smoothie – Nekter Juice Bar

I loved my smoothie, Banana Berry Burst. I was craving blueberry that day and this smoothie is one of their most popular and is prepared with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, house made vanilla cashew milk, and agave nectar.  This smoothie was delicious and refreshing. All smoothies are available in 2 different sizes, 16 ounces for $4.95 or 24 ounces for $6.95.  I look forward to going back to try the other 6 varieties they have and you also have an opportunity to create your own from a variety of bases, fruits, and spices!

Nekter Juice Bar, juice cleanse
Classic Greens Juice Cleanse – Nekter Juice Bar

The Greenie was a jam packed juice that was handmade in front of our very eyes with a combination of parsley, spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, and apple. My husband fell in love with this one and even though he ordered the middle size at 24 ounces, he was wishing he ordered the 32 ounces. This drink tastes very healthy. I am not a huge kale fan, so I cannot say this one rocked my world as much as my smoothie, but this drink was very full of flavor and I felt super healthy drinking it! 🙂  Juices are available in 16 ounces for $4.95, 24 ounces for $6.95 and 32 ounces for $8.75. 

Nekter Juice Bar, juice cleanse
PB Bowl – Nekter Juice Bar

The last item I would like to share about that I tried was the Pb Bowl. I was so excited for this one because it was my first time even trying an acai bowl. I always hear about these, but I had never actually tried one before so I was excited to find out what all of the hype was about! 🙂 The PB Bowl was full of acai, bananas, strawberries, dates, peanut butter, and house made vanilla cashew milk and it was topped with hempseed granola,

Nekter Juice Bar, juice cleanse
Nekter Juice Bar Mission Viejo Interior

fresh strawberries, and bananas! At 440 calories and a price tag of only $6.95, this bowl filled me up and was full of flavor!  It was my first time trying hempseed granola as well and it was super crunchy and did not get soggy even though it was poured atop the wet ingredients. I loved this bowl!  I look forward to trying their other 3 bowls and at $6.95 they are very worth it and you will be full when you finish one!!  There is also an option to add greens (kale and spinach) to any bowl, as well as gluten free granola!

Nekter Juice Bar, juice cleanse
Fresh Nekter Juice Cleanses – Nekter Juice Bar

Another item they have at Nekter Juice Bar that I plan to try out I the future is a Nekter Cleanse in which you can select a number of days to participate and purchase the proper juices in order to flood your body with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 🙂

Have you ever been to Nekter Juice Bar? If so, tell me about your experience below! Cheers to getting super healthy!! 🙂

Nekter Juice Bar, juice cleanse
Dani with her smoothie – Nekter Juice Bar

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