Pink Ribbon Donuts Perfection in Mission Viejo


January 26, 2015 by danisdecadentdeals

pink ribbon donuts, mission viejo, mission viejo doughnuts

Pink Ribbon Donuts Entrance

I have been having the biggest craving for donuts in the past few weeks, but I have been so focused on eating healthy and working out, I have abstained from my doughnut desires…until this past weekend!  Recently one of my photos on instagram was liked by a doughnut shop named Pink Ribbon Donuts, so I decided to click on their profile and see who they were.  It just happened to be

pink ribbon donuts, mission viejo, mission viejo doughnuts

CInnamon Sugar Cronut – Pink Ribbon Donuts

that they were a doughnut shop that was located only 5 miles from my home and had barely opened a year ago!  My doughnut obsession began to grow as I looked through the photos on the Pink Ribbon Donuts Profile page and then this Saturday I made the choice to check it out! 

pink ribbon donuts, mission viejo, mission viejo doughnuts

Freshly Made Donuts – Pink Ribbon Donuts

Prior to visiting Pink Ribbon Donuts, I went on the website to get the address and had an opportunity to read all about owner, Linda So’s journey she made through breast cancer and with 5 years in remission, Pink Ribbon Donuts was born.  Her whole story touched my heart, as I currently have a friend battling this awful disease and I was so excited to meet owner, Linda as she invited me in to her shop after she saw a post I made on my Dani’s Decadent Deals Facebook Page that stole a great many of my fans attention!

pink ribbon donuts, mission viejo, mission viejo doughnuts

Dani with pink cake donut – Pink Ribbon Donuts

Pink Ribbon Donuts was easy to find and was conveniently located off of Marguerite Parkway on the right hand side of the street about a mile after the mall, Shops at Mission Viejo.  Pink Ribbon is right next to a Mongolian BBQ restaurant and the soon to open Broken Yolk Café that I am dying to try when it arrives!! The address for Pink Ribbon Donuts is: 28601 Marguerite Parkway, Ste. A2, Mission Viejo, CA 92692.  

When entering Pink Ribbon Donuts, I was promptly greeted and I asked to speak to Linda. A warm smile and a handshake were immediately in order and I was pleasantly impressed that even though I arrived at 11:30 am, there was a large variety of different donuts still available!  In addition to donuts, there were also freshly made sandwiches to order, coffee drinks, and boba!

pink ribbon donuts, mission viejo, mission viejo doughnuts

Ham and Cheese Croissant – Pink Ribbon Donuts

For our doughnut adventure we ordered quite a few items to share and devour while we were there and later on in the day!  We got the pink cake doughnut, a blueberry doughnut, a blueberry cream cheese croissant, a ham and cheese croissant, a cinnamon sugar cronut, a Chai Tea Latte, and a coffee!  Yeah…now we really sound like we went piggy style, but I have been working out hardcore for these babies the past few weeks!! 🙂

pink ribbon donuts, mission viejo, mission viejo doughnuts

Donuts 2 – Pink Ribbon Donuts

Each and every item we devoured was delicious, but my two personal favorites were the ham and cheese croissant and the pink cake doughnut! Everything was delicious, buttery, fluffy, and fresh!  Also, as you can see on the menu, the prices were pretty fabulous!  These were definitely decently priced doughnuts and were well worth every penny! I loved Pink Ribbon Donuts and look forward to going back to visit them again soon! Have you ever been to Pink Ribbon Donuts? If so, please share about your doughnut experience and fave donuts below! 🙂 

pink ribbon donuts, mission viejo, mission viejo doughnuts

Husband and I outside of Pink Ribbon Donuts

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18 thoughts on “Pink Ribbon Donuts Perfection in Mission Viejo

  1. That Cronut looks MASSIVE! Was there a filling?

  2. Oh my gosh Dani!!!!! I can’t withstand this temptation!!!

  3. Those donuts look AMAZING. You need to quit posting all these wonderful pictures of these food, some people are trying to lose weight. haha!

  4. I am steering clear of any doughnut shops. Lol Especially when they look this good!

  5. Wow. I have always loved doughnut shops and this store looks amazing to visit.

  6. tara pittman says:

    I love doughnuts! These look amazing and hungry.

  7. Jaime says:

    Yum!!! Breast cancer survivor and donuts?? Perfection!!

  8. This makes me want to try the Pink Ribbon Donuts. I am craving watching it

  9. Manu Kalia says:

    I am more curious on the CInnamon Sugar Cronut!

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