Smashburger restaurant

Smashburger Rocks With Worldwide Locations and 33 Different States in the US

Smashburger restaurant
Dani Excited to Devour Smashburger

Have you ever visiting your local Smashburger restaurant? If not, what are you waiting for?  I have visited Smashburger before and thoroughly enjoyed their burgers. I live in the Orange County area and although there are two different locations within a 10 mile radius of my home, I decided to check out a Smashburger in San Diego this weekend because I happened to be there visiting my brother-in-law that lives in San Diego!  Smashburger locations have literally popped up everywhere. The one I visited in particular this past weekend was in the gaslamp area off of Market Street (super fun area to go, might I add…especially if you like nightlife!)

Smashburger restaurant
Dani going to town on a Smashburger

Smashburger literally has worldwide locations throughout the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Kuwait, Panama, and Saudi Arabia! I was quite impressed when I found this out as they are obviously doing something right!

Smashburger restaurant
Smashburger Menu

As I glanced at the menu, there were a variety of different burger options and it seems like they even make local burger options at each location you visit! Since I am picky, I settled on the “make my own burger” option.  My husband did the same as he wanted to select each item as well. 🙂 Normally he gets the craziest burger on the menu, but today was different.  

Smashburger restaurant
Smashburger ready to devour

I ordered a small Smashburger (yes, there are different sizes and since I have been watching my weight in preparing for my Europe trip this summer, the small was very doable at 720 calories including my bun and cheese…600 with no cheese) Sizes for Smashburgers include small, regular, big and they even have a black bean burger and chicken sandwiches as well!

Smashburger restaurant
Hubby’s Smashburger with grilled onions

I got my Smashburger with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and sharp cheddar cheese on a classic egg bun.  My husband got his burger with grilled onions, smash sauce (similar to a thousand island), tomato, pickles, and lettuce. We both enjoyed our burgers and ate them a bit too quickly and our mouths were watering for more. J  Next time I go to Smashburger, I think I will also give the chicken sandwich and the black bean burger a chance. I was definitely impressed with the hamburger.  The small was a bit small for me, I may move up to a regular size next time as well. 🙂

Smashburger restaurant
My hubby at Smashburger

I love how Smashburger had all of their nutritional information upon walking in the doors of the restaurant and online as well and they were much more decent than other hamburger joints I have visited.  See Smashburger nutritional information on their website!

Smashburger restaurant
My Smashburger

I found it interesting that each Smashburger is smashed, seared and seasoned to order, with fresh, premium beef. There are also fresh fries available in different sizes and salads available as well for a healthier option!  The prices were also quite reasonable!

Smashburger restaurant
Smashburger off of Market Street in San Diego

If you have not yet visited a Smashburger in your area, make sure you get in to try one soon! In the United States, they are currently located in 33 of our 50 states and they are continuing to pop up left and right!  Please share your thoughts below about your visit to Smashburger! Have a delicious day!

Smashburger restaurant
D is ready to chow down on Smashburger

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