naugles, naugles tacos, naugles is coming back, keep calm and eat some naugles

Naugles, A Popular 1980’s Fast Food Chain is Coming Back to Town…Slowly But Surely…

naugles, naugles tacos, naugles is coming back, keep calm and eat some naugles
Dani with Christian – Naugles Pop up event sign and Naugles hat with official logo

Many of you may remember the yummy fast food chain that was super popular in the 1980’s called Naugles…well this article is about trying to help bring it back! 🙂 To see the full story keep reading and to see the newest news click here ➡ NAUGLES IS BACK! Beginning in 2008, my friend Christian Ziebarth decided to try to revive the old fast food favorite and has been trying to do so ever since! It has been a long journey for him and if you would like to read about his journey, feel free to visit his website here –> Naugles Blog .

naugles, naugles tacos, naugles is coming back, keep calm and eat some naugles
Bean and Cheese, Cheese burritos from Naugles – Green and red suace

In a nutshell, Christian believe that there was a need for Naugles just because he had large numbers of searches on his blog for this popular spot, so he started to put in countless hours, chatting with Naugles family members, Del Taco and perfecting recipes. 🙂

naugles, naugles tacos, naugles is coming back, keep calm and eat some naugles
Bean and Cheese Burritos – variety of red and green sauce – Naugles

My question for Christian when I interviewed him was, “How do you know Naugles is going to be popular again?  Sure, we are all super excited about it, but is it really safe to base an idea just upon so many people’s nostalgic moments with Naugles when they were children?” His response to me was, “I don’t need to do anything to push nostalgia with Naugles. The food will sell itself! “ 

naugles, naugles tacos, naugles is coming back, keep calm and eat some naugles
Cheese Burrito Red Sauce – Naugles

I am going to have to agree with Christian’s statement because although I am not a huge fast food junkie and am very selective with what I eat, I know when something tastes great since I am so picky and do not each much fast food! Let me tell you…from my first hand meeting with Christian 2 times in the last 4 months, both times I sampled his food, each and every bite was amazing and tasted just as it did when I was a child devouring it in the 1980’s!

naugles, naugles tacos, naugles is coming back, keep calm and eat some naugles
Dani super excited about Naugles

Naugles last restaurant was located in Las Vegas, Nevada and even though it closed down and Del Taco never did anything with the Naugles name, they have continued to pay a renewal fee every 10 years in both 1996 & 2006 to keep others from moving forward and bringing back the ever so popular Naugles.  Christian’s campaign to open Naugles will hopefully help them from being able to renew in 2016 and just let the name sit in the trash unable to do anything with it.

naugles, naugles tacos, naugles is coming back, keep calm and eat some naugles
Naugles Bean Burritos Green Sauce and Red Sauce

As of now, Christian is trying to bring back the ever so popular fast food chain and he has several businessmen in several areas including California and Missouri that are ready to jump aboard the Naugles business! Christian has now held 2 pop up events in the local area, the last one being in Fountain Valley and selling out with people lined up at the door to enjoy their childhood favorite!

naugles, naugles tacos, naugles is coming back, keep calm and eat some naugles
Melty Cheese burrito with red sauce from Naugles

The Pop-up event was held at a small deli in Fountain Valley called, Pig & Parsley. This deli opened about 6 months ago with awesome food and apparently they also have a passion for bringing back Naugles!  It turned out the owner of the deli was also a Naugles Fan. Even city workers from the city of Fountain Valley stepped forward expressing interests in having a Naugles in their area! 

naugles, naugles tacos, naugles is coming back, keep calm and eat some naugles
Naugles Pop-up Event Official Sign

Naugles popular list of menu items back in the day included Macho combo burritos, cheese burritos, red sauce green sauce, hot sauce, tacos, taco salad, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, Ortega burgers (diced Ortega chilies) bean burritos, beef burritos, and combo burritos.  In addition you could take any of the burritos and make them macho by adding extra ingredients and lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, red sauce, and green sauce! 

naugles, naugles tacos, naugles is coming back, keep calm and eat some naugles
Excuse my while I devour this cheese burrito from Naugles

I was so very excited to enjoy Naugles items when Christian came by to visit me and I want everyone else to get to enjoy these too, so please help spread the word about this yummy fast food joint coming back to town. Stay tuned for other future pop up Naugles events and I will keep you posted about his future opportunities to open Naugles restaurants throughout the US as they once were!  A Pop-Up Event is scheduled to come to Lancaster this February and shortly after there will be another one in Orange County!

naugles, naugles tacos, naugles is coming back, keep calm and eat some naugles
Green Bean and cheese burrito – fresh and ready to devour – Naugles

One small tip I want to share with all of you is that there is a small restaurant called Buns and Torts in Visalia, (just in case you happen to be trekking through that area on a road trip or possibly live nearby) that is actually owned by one of the Naugles family members and he currently operates with all original Naugles recipes!  I have never been, but if I ever happen o be in that area, you can guess where I will be visiting! 🙂 

naugles, naugles tacos, naugles is coming back, keep calm and eat some naugles
Dani devouring a cheese burrito from Naugles

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63 thoughts on “Naugles, A Popular 1980’s Fast Food Chain is Coming Back to Town…Slowly But Surely…

      1. Definitely would love to be informed of next pop up. My family and friends have been JONESIN’ for some Naugles for far too long. Please keep Menifee or Riverside Co. in mind when considering locations.
        Better yet, when will there be franchising info. available?

  1. I’ve never heard of naugles but that cheese burrito looks like a heart attack, woah!! I think we all have that resturant we love to frequent, mine is Teppan Fuji! Gotta have my sushi!

  2. Naugles was the BEST!!!! If they want any chance at succeeding they need to find Shirlene Lopez hire her and put her in charge of everything. She was Naugles… Then she should hire Jean Wealen. Too bad they will have to rename some of the food items.

    1. I tried reaching out to Shirlene before but never got a response. I believe she worked at Naugles in Fountain Valley starting when she was 14 but then it switched to Del Taco not too long after. Then later on she became the president of Del Taco.

      As far as menu item names go we probably won’t have to change anything.

  3. I had plenty of Naugles in my 20’s at the St. Louis location. Moved to the Los Angeles area in 93 and never really knew what happened to it. Now that a Steak n Shake is in Santa Monica and Duncan Donuts is appearing – a Naugles would be a great addition! By the way….check out a great Roast Beef place called “Top Round” near Hollywood. It’s very similar to Lion’s Choice in St. Louis and probably the most amazing roast beef sandwiches you will ever taste!!! Really, ck it out!! 😉

    1. Thanks so much for the comment Pam. 🙂 I did not know we had a Steak N Shake in Santa Monica! How cool. I went to one in New York:) Thanks for the recommendation for Top Round! I will definitely check that out! 🙂 🙂 Keep an eye out for the next Naugles pop up. I am sure one will come soon:)

  4. YES YES YES bring it back to Fountain Valley, CA. Can remember 2:00am runs to Naugles for their amazing eggs & cheese burritos. YUMMERS
    BTW how does one find out about these pop ups ?

  5. When I lived in So Cal in the 80s Naugkes was amazing. I missed it when it was gone. I love in Georgia now and know this place would love it. All they have here is basically Taco Hell for fast food Mexican. Naugles was amazing and greatly missed.

    1. Naugles totally did rock in the 80’s and I look forward to the Naugles comeback. I believe they are first going to try to start with a food truck to be able to hit more geographic areas. 🙂 Hopefully they will come to Georgia so you can enjoy them again. 🙂

  6. Desperately miss Naugles. I lived in Southern California in the 80s and it was my go-to place, and was thrilled when I moved to the Chicago suburbs to find two of them here. I would drive 25 minutes one way for their beef burrito, it was just that good and unlike anything anyone else makes. When they closed, I hit that last one in Vegas when I was there on vacation one time.

    I sure hope he can pull this off, to bring the chain back and put one back here in Chicagoland!

  7. We are planning our 40th HS Class reunion and we want to create a Naugles photo booth to take pictures in or around. Naugles was our high schools favorite hang out for all 4 yrs. Would you have any idea of how I could find memorabilia, like menus, hats, etc?

    1. How awesome! I would suggest going online and looking at ebay! 🙂 There is always fun stuff there…or maybe now that the test kitchen is open you can stop by to dine and see if there are any items with the logo on it.:)

  8. I remember eating their when I was younger and it was so good glad their making a comeback. Will you be coming back to Las Vegas? I hope so.

  9. Is this the same Naugles that made egg and bean burritos? If so is it true they will open in Missouri too. If this is true o loved those burritos. I’m in St Joseph, Missouri. That is close to Kanasa City. Let me know, thanks.

  10. We need a Naugles in Kingman Az. Kingman is off the I-40 and it would make a mint. We have a lot of travelers and Truckers. Please look into having one here. I used to hang out at the one they Had in Lancaster, Ca back in the 80’S. They had the best food. I remember that it was always packed no matter what time of day it was. I miss the food. It’s a great restaurant.

  11. I’m TOTALLY EXCITED about Naugles coming back! I’m an Huntington Beach Native as well as a H.B.H.S Grad of 89! I went to Naugles all the the time! I’m taking my 24 yr old son to Naugles later, he’s never been! I hope more will open!

  12. Please Bring Back Naugles I Used To go All The Time No Matter What Time of Day it Was The Spot I Loved The Macho Nachos & Bean Burritos I Used To Live in St. Charles Missouri it was located on First Capital Drive and Highway 70 back in 1985 to 1989 (are there any plans of bringing it back in the near future)?????

  13. Hope you do awsome and see your way clear to open up I need the Toledo Ohio area as I no longer reside in Southern California love love love your food yoused to work for you!

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