Rebirth of Naugles Makes a Comeback and is Open Now to the Public


July 29, 2015 by danisdecadentdeals

Naugles, Naugles returns, mexican food, fountain valley

Corporate and Test Kitchen – Naugles Returns

I just wanted to give a quick update about the reopening of Naugles in Fountain Valley to all of my readers as I said I would once I got more information!  Many of you may know that this awesome restaurant chain that was ever so popular in the 80’s and 90’s has finally returned thanks to one person continually persisting and pursuing their dream! The test kitchen is currently open on weekends!

Naugles, Naugles returns, mexican food, fountain valley

Christian Ziebarth – the Man behind the rebirth of Naugles – Naugles Returns

I wrote about my excitement of Naugles when my friend, and owner of this new chain, Christian Ziebarth came to visit me at work to get my opinion on the launch of a few ever so poplar Naugles items that he wanted to have in his upcoming restaurant.  The excitement I felt when I devoured these items made me feel like I was a child again! 🙂 You can see that experience in this article here –> NAUGLES IS COMING BACK.

Naugles, Naugles returns, mexican food, fountain valley

A Variety of Burritos – – Naugles Returns

Now, only a few months later, Naugles has arrived in Fountain Valley, California and it has been a huge success!  They have been ever so busy at their new location: 18471 Mt. Langley, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 They have even run out of food a few times!  You can see the continual updates on their Naugles group page here –> Naugles facebook group and you can also like their newest restaurant page –> Naugles on facebook

Naugles, Naugles returns, mexican food, fountain valley

Dani Goes to Town on a Bean and Cheese Cup at a Preview Event – Naugles Returns

Those of you that love Naugles and want them to grow and stay can also help in the success of this chain by donating to the GoFundMe account that is out there to help revitalize this awesome fast food chain. That link can be clicked on in blue above.

Naugles, Naugles returns, mexican food, fountain valley

Bean and Cheese Cup – Naugles Returns

Naugles has recently hired staff on Craig’s list and just barely opened their corporate kitchen this past Saturday, July 25th, 2015!  Help spread the word about this popular Mexican Chain coming back in to town!  Congratulations to Christian and his crew on bringing the dream back to life! 🙂 As I hear new details I will share, but for now head on into the newest Naugles location in Fountain Valley and relive the memories of your youth and make some new memories today! 🙂

Naugles, Naugles returns, mexican food, fountain valley

Naugles Menu opening weekend – Naugles Returns

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3 thoughts on “Rebirth of Naugles Makes a Comeback and is Open Now to the Public

  1. […] help bring it back! 🙂 To see the full story keep reading and to see the newest news click here ➡ NAUGLES IS BACK! Beginning in 2008, my friend Christian Ziebarth decided to try to revive the old fast food […]

  2. Nancy Butler says:

    Went to eat there this evening about 6 pm. Sign says closed until further notice????

    • It has been difficult with the test kitchen because so many people want to come and there is only one small location. For this reason they have only been open on weekends, but they will be opening a location soon enough with a drive thru and all:)

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