zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Zov’s Kitchen Anaheim

Have you ever been to Zov’s Mediterranean kitchen in Anaheim?  If not, you are missing out and must head in to check it out soon!  There are so many mouthwatering menu selections and they have great happy hour deals as well as discounts for locals, free delivery and more…read on to hear all about what we enjoyed as well as all of the deals offered at this Zov’s location! 

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Firepit – Zov’s Anaheim

The restaurant, Zov’s originated in Tustin, California and since Chef Zov Karamardian opened her culinary doors in 1987, the restaurant has expanded with 5 other locations in Tustin, Irvine, Anaheim and Newport beach!!  Zov’s blends contemporary cuisine with eastern Mediterranean influences & everything is fresh and fabulous!  When we went to visit Zov’s with our friends we decided to get a bunch of starters, main dishes, and desserts to share as a group. Check out what we enjoyed below!

To wet our palates three of us ordered signature cocktails and one of us ordered sangria.  My husband opted for the Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita for a little salty, spicy and sweet flare.  This cocktail was made with silver tequila, fresh jalapeno and pineapple, agave, Cointreau, fresh lime for 12.95 & he finished it off pretty quickly. 🙂

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita – Zov’s Anaheim

I had the Cucumber Mint Fresca because I was craving something refreshing in the intense SoCal summer heat. I loved this drink that was prepared with Tito’s vodka, St. Germain elderflower, cucumber, fresh mint, fresh lime juice, and served straight up for 12.95.

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Cucumber Mint Fresca – Zov’s Anaheim

One of our friends had the Melon Mule with grey goose melon vodka, fresh lime juice, ginger beer, simple syrup for 13.95.  He seemed to really like it…I did not get a sip of this one so I cannot give my opinion, but I loved the presentation in the adorable copper mug. 

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Melon Mule – Zov’s Anaheim

Our other friend had the red sangria and she seemed pretty satisfied. 

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Sangria – Zov’s Anaheim

For starters we selected 3 different items and each of them was delicious and amazing, but my most favorite was definitely the pulled chicken nachos.

The first starter to arrive was the Brussels and Bacon which was prepared with flash fried Brussel sprouts, nueske bacon, caper vinaigrette, pinot noir syrup for 11.95.  I am not a huge Brussel sprouts fan & I loved these, so I do recommend them…I think it was the pinot noir syrup…everything with wine makes me excited. 🙂

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Brussels and Bacon – Zov’s Anaheim

Next, the Pulled Chicken Nachos arrived at our table and I was ready to go to town…. Let me just say next time I visit Zov’s, this plate will be all mine! J  this dish was prepared with 3 cheeses, pita chips (in place of standard tortilla chips), fresh salsa, avocado mash, red onion, chives, cilantro, Aleppo pepper, and feta cheese for 13.95.  This is what I call a “Knock your socks off dish.”  Yum, yum, and yum!!!

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Pulled Chicken Nachos – Zov’s Anaheim

Last to arrive were the Lamb Meatballs prepared in a spicy tomato sauce & kashkaval cheese with grilled pita on the side for 12.95.  While I loved the flavor of these meatballs, I am not a super spicy person and they were a tad spicy for me.  These were cooked to perfection and everyone at the table enjoyed them! 

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Lamb Meatballs – Zov’s Anaheim

We also ordered one of the pitza pies from the menu which is basically a thin crust deck oven pizza pie.  I chose the flavor of this pizza to avoid anything spicy and it was very good!  I picked the “Who Gives a Shiitake” pizza which was full of flavor and I was excited I had some of this one for leftovers to take home for lunch the next day!  Prepared with rotisserie chicken, shiitake mushroom, basil puree, goat cheese, and olives for 15.95 this is where my tummy started getting full…. But wait there was more to come…

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Who Gives a Shitake Pitza Pie – Zov’s Anaheim

I opted to order a glass of Malbec wine from Mendoza, Argentina made by Tucumen, 2012 to wash down all of the delicious morsels.  At 10.95 a glass, this red wine that was well-bodied and came with a great bold flavor! I have been on a Malbec kick lately and this wine was delicious!

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Tucumen Malbec – Zov’s Anaheim

My husband ordered the Modern Times coffee stout and he loved it!  I tasted his beer and it certainly was full of an intense coffee flavor! It was really tasty! 🙂

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Modern Times Coffee Stout Beer – Zov’s Anaheim

For our first main course item, we had the Spiced Lamb Burger that was made with organic greens, sundried tomato, red onion, feta, and red pepper aioli for 15.95.  This burger was cooked perfectly, medium rare, just like we ordered.  I was excited I had leftovers from this one the next day as well! 😉

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Spiced Lamb Burger – Zov’s Anaheim
zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Spiced Lamb Burger cut open – Zov’s Anaheim

The one other entrée we added was absolutely phenomenal and it was the Sumac Roasted Seabass with shaved Brussel sprouts, baby spinach, tomato, rice pilaf, and citrus caper sauce for 23.95.  This item is a definite menu repeat for me. I loved this dish!  I was pleasantly surprised because I am not a rice or Brussel sprout fan and I loved everything about this plate as the flavors blended together perfectly!  Big thumbs up on this one!!!

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Sumac Roasted Seabass – Zov’s Anaheim

For dessert we all shared two different items. 

First we had the Key Lime Crunch which had key lime custard, toasted coconut, graham cracker crunch, and fresh lime zest for 7.95. This one was selected by yours truly as I have fond memories of visiting the keys in Florida with my dad on vacation and eating key lime cheesecake on a stick dipped in chocolate…this dessert certainly did bring back those vacation memories. The presentation of this dish was pretty cool. I had never seen key lime served in a long tray like this was and the coconut added some great flavor!

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Key Lime Crunch – Zov’s Anaheim

Lastly, our friend ordered the Ridiculous Sundae because he insisted we had to try it because it was so amazing.  Well, this dessert of flourless chocolate cake, caramel, salted peanuts, toasted almonds, marshmallow cream, and ground espresso for 7.95 certainly did impress! The presentation of this dessert blew me away and I could not stop taking pictures. I was all over the marshmallow cream and refused to let an ounce of it go to waste!

zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Ridiculous Sundae – Zov’s Anaheim
zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Ridiculous Sundae Shot #2 – Zov’s Anaheim

With our bellies full and hearts happy from a night full of laughter, we were told about some of the awesome deals to take advantage of next time we go to Zov’s that I want to share really quick with you!  Check them out:

  • There is a free delivery service if you live within 3-5 miles of the restaurant!
  • There is a 10% discount available for all triangle residents (nearby condos)
  • Before any event in the near vicinity (including events held at the Anaheim stadium and the grove of Anaheim) you can get free parking validation for the entire evening when you eat at Zov’s Anaheim prior to the event.
  • They have an awesome happy hour!
  • There are no corkage fees…ever… (this makes me super happy!)
  • On Sundays there are bottomless mimosas from 11:30am – 2:30pm for only $10.95!
zov's, anaheim restaurant, mediterranean food
Our table of deliciousness – Zov’s Anaheim

Have you been in to Zov’s Anaheim? I definitely recommend checking them out! Let me know about your experience at this restaurant in the comments section below! 🙂

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