boudin, irvine, boudin pork items
Dani outside of Boudin Irvine

Recently Boudin SF reached out to me to ask me if I would like to come in and check out their newest BBQ Pork menu items and of course I kindly obliged.  Having a super busy schedule and shooting out of town for a quick Paso Robles Birthday trip, my hubby and I decided to make a stop at the Boudin SF Irvine location over on Main Street and Jamboree in my hometown!  I am glad we did because it had been awhile since I had been to Boudin and I love this place!

boudin, irvine, boudin pork items
Boudin SF Irvine location

The second we walked into Boudin my hubby walked over to the fresh sourdough baguette and scooped one up insisting we needed it to go with the wines we would soon be devouring when we arrived in Paso. He was right! 

boudin, irvine, boudin pork items
Sourdough Baguette To-Go – Boudin Irvine

There are three new pork items that are currently available at Boudin, the home of the original San Francisco Sourdough and I have them detailed below!  These items will be out for a limited time only and while I am not a huge pork fan, my hubby is, so we opted for a few different styles of sandwiches and I decided to go with my classic favorite.  🙂

boudin, irvine, boudin pork items
Fresh Boudin bread in a variety of shapes and sizes – Boudin Irvine

The three new pork items include two sandwiches and one salad and they are as follows:

  • Classic BBQ Pork Sandwich: Slow-roasted and hand-pulled pork tossed in sweet and savory barbecue sauce topped with crunchy house made coleslaw, served hot on a garlic-buttered, toasted sourdough baguette ($9.29)  This sandwich is sweet, yet also savory and traditional!
  • Aloha Pork Sandwich:  Slow-roasted and hand-pulled pork slathered with an island-inspired ginger soy barbecue sauce featuring a hint of honey, topped with house-made caramelized pineapple, tangy pickled red onion, and fresh-chopped cilantro, served hot on a garlic-buttered, toasted sourdough baguette ($9.49)  This one has an island inspired twist on the classic bbq pork.
  • Luau Pork Salad: A mix of spring greens and cabbage topped with warm, slow-roasted pulled pork tossed in ginger soy barbecue, caramelized pineapple and tangy pickled red onion made in house, fresh-chopped cilantro, crunchy red bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and toasted almonds served with a zesty ginger soy barbecue vinaigrette ($10.29)
  • boudin, irvine, boudin pork items
    Boudin pork sandwiches and salad have arrived

“Our new menu additions capture the spirit of the summer season by combining tender, succulent, and slow-roasted pork shoulder with the perfect balance of savory, sweet and zesty barbecue flavors,” said Alan Skversky, Boudin Bakery’s corporate chef. “Featuring a fresh mix of house-made ingredients, like our crunchy coleslaw, caramelized pineapple and pickled red onion, each menu item delivers a bright taste of summer while also complementing our world-famous, fresh baked sourdough bread.”

boudin, irvine, boudin pork items
Fresh Bread – Boudin Irvine

In addition to the pork sandwiches above, Boudin SF is also offering house-made coleslaw as an add-on side option for $2.99 for a limited time.

boudin, irvine, boudin pork items
Dining Room area – Boudin Irvine

My hubby decided to order the Classic BBQ Pork Sandwich which he thoroughly enjoyed.  He did suggest that next time we visit Boudin, we eat in the dining room and not on the road and I admit it was hard to eat the sandwich as I was driving on the road with the fresh crisp sourdough baguette being so hard to rip from my teeth while holding my steering wheel. 🙂  We are glad we made the stop though because we love Boudin and our sandwiches were delicious!

boudin, irvine, boudin pork items
Classic BBQ Pork Sandwich – Boudin Irvine

Lastly, nothing to do with the pork but I would like to share my favorite sandwich of all time from Boudin and that would be the Turkey and Havarti! This sandwich has fresh creamy cheese and a delicious turkey with of course the traditional sourdough baguette along with tomatoes and mayo.  I like to add a little red onion just for fun as well.

boudin, irvine, boudin pork items
My classic Favorite sandwich of all time at Boudin – turkey and havarti – Boudin Irvine

I also recommend trying the cookie that it jam packed with coconut, chocolate and macadamia nuts! See below! 🙂

boudin, irvine, boudin pork items
Delicious Boudin cookie jam packed with macadamia nuts, coconut, and chocolate – Boudin Irvine

Have you been in to Boudin lately?  I hope you get a chance to visit soon to check out these new pork sandwich and salad options.  They are pretty jam packed with tasty ingredients and they are waiting for you for a limited time only!  Which item would you like to try? Please share in the comments below!

boudin, irvine, boudin pork items
Gotta love Boudin Sourdough bread – Boudin Irvine
boudin, irvine, boudin pork items
Happy with my love at Boudin Irvine ready for our road trip

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