Thoughtfully Gift Boxes – Great Gifts for the Holidays, Birthdays and More

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December 5, 2016 by danisdecadentdeals

thoughtfully gifts, holiday gifts, gift sets

An awesome package arrived from Thoughtfully Gifts…

Are you looking for a unique holiday gift for a special someone or several special people in your life this year?  Every year when I go shopping I start to feel like I am running out of gift ideas, but this holiday season a company named Thoughtfully contacted me to share some unique gift ideas!  Thoughtfully has a variety of amazing gift boxes with so many different styles! These boxes are creative and designed to appeal to that special someone in your life and there are so many options!

thoughtfully gifts, holiday gifts, gift sets

Thoughtfully Gifts – Cirque du Sweets gift box

I selected a gift box out of the 20 I viewed in the product catalog…Actually I selected three and Thoughtfully surprised me by sending me one of the selections to check out!  When my package arrived from Costa Mesa, I was excited to see which product Thoughtfully had selected for me. My top three choices were 1) Tequila Cantina 2) Moscow Mule and 3) Cirque Du Sweets. 🙂  I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my box and found that I had received the Cirque du Sweets Gift Set!

thoughtfully gifts, holiday gifts, gift sets

Thoughtfully Gift Box – Cirque du Sweets

thoughtfully gifts, holiday gifts, gift sets

A story of Cirque du Sweets – Thoughtfully Gifts

These packages are so adorable and come wrapped with every fine detail and include every item needed to create several awesome treats!  My Cirque du Sweets gift box included a baking set complete with three cast iron skillets, a decorating bag, plus mixes, frosting, and sprinkles for brownies, sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies…And the best part? There were also adorable glass milk bottles and straws complete with gold elephant toppers. This package was so much fun!

thoughtfully gifts, holiday gifts, gift sets

Dani with Thoughtfully Giftbox Cirque du Sweets

I decided to bake one of the items to share with all of you and the other two items I look forward to baking and sharing with my loved ones this holiday season. See the delicious chocolate chip cookie for two that I made in the skillet in the photos in this article! Yum!  We devoured this baby with some eggnog!  Yum …warm flavorful cookies with eggnog while it was raining outside…this certainly was a treat!

thoughtfully gifts, holiday gifts, gift sets

The Big Chew Cookie mix from Thoughtfully Gifts

thoughtfully gifts, holiday gifts, gift sets

Ready to bake my Thoughtfully Gift

thoughtfully gifts, holiday gifts, gift sets

Chocolate chip cookie dough and ready to be baked

Make sure that you check out the variety of different gift boxes on the Thoughtfully website in the blue link at the top of my article.  There are a variety of different ideas and some great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, housewarming, thank you gifts and more!  There is also FREE shipping on all orders, sale items on their website under the sales link for 30% off & even a $5 off coupon when you enter your email address when opening the website! 

thoughtfully gifts, holiday gifts, gift sets

Gift Thoughtfully – $5 Off Coupon

Please let me know what you think of Thoughtfully below in the comments section! I hope that you love these gifts as much as I do! 

thoughtfully gifts, holiday gifts, gift sets

Warm cookie freshly baked with egg nog

thoughtfully gifts, holiday gifts, gift sets

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookie with egg nog from Thoughtfully Gifts

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