fly with wine, travel, wine

Fly With Wine-My Kind of Travel-Durable, TSA Approved and get 10% Off

fly with wine, travel, wine
Fly With Wine Logo

When I was approached by the company, FlyWithWine I was excited to hear what they were all about and was excited to check out the suitcase they wanted to send to me! If you love wine and travel like I do this product is perfect for you!  FlyWithWine suitcases made by VinGardeValise are guaranteed to keep your wine safe from damage during travel!  What a unique idea! Click link here to order and get 10% off your suitcase now when you go to the purchase page!! –>  FlyWithWineSuitcase – Get 10% off here

fly with wine, travel, wine
Wine packed in my Fly With Wine Suitcase

My husband and I frequently travel.  We like to go local as well as abroad, and on our journeys we always seem to acquire wine!  Just this past October, we were in Germany and last year, in June we were in France and Italy.  On both of these trips we acquired several bottles of wine on our journeys and were stressed about how to ship it home.  FlyWithWine has now alleviated my fear of how to do this in the future! They now have a suitcase option instead of awkwardly stuffing wine in socks and rolling it up in jeans.

fly with wine, travel, wine
My wine rack at home – I love my wine


fly with wine, travel, wine
Excited for my special Fly With Wine Delivery

These suitcases (8 bottles or 12 bottle option) are awesome in that they conform to all applicable TSA, FAA, and airline luggage standards. Even when fully loaded with wine they still weight between 43 & 50 lbs! The inserts included in the case fit most standard 750ml bottle shapes. In addition to wine bottles, there are also optional inserts that come with the case that fit wine glasses, 1.5L magnums, and other fragile items you would like to keep protected that may break in transit.

fly with wine, travel, wine
Two Ways to utilize case – half wine or all wine

The exterior shell is made from durable 100% polycarbonate that is 2.4mm thick which is strong enough to make it through the process of the airline madness when your bag is being thrown by careless handlers and transported from one destination to another. There are also heavy zippers, corner guards and fabric straps to keep your precious cargo safe in transit. 🙂

If you choose not to fill your suitcase with only wine, you have the option to remove inserts to make space for other items as well.  As can be seen on my recent weekend getaway to Hollywood, I chose to pack half of my VinGardeValise suitcase with wine and the other half with my clothing, cosmetics, shoes, jewelry and of course my wine opener. 🙂

fly with wine, travel, wine
Suitcase Interior of Fly With Wine case

Having wine shipped can be super expensive and this suitcase seems to be a great option for any wine enthusiast that wants to get their wine safely home and unharmed or spilled on their clothing in their suitcase.  Over the years, my hubby and I have stuffed bottles of our wine in socks or wrapped it in jeans, but after receiving this suitcase, I think our future simple solution will be to bring our VinGardeValise suitcase from FlyWithWine on our trips empty and send it home full! 

fly with wine, travel, wine
Cornwallis Cat chilling in my suitcase

According to TSA guidelines, when flying continental, you can travel with an unlimited amount of alcohol in your checked bag as long as each bottle is under 24% alcohol by volume, which has wine covered, and fits within the airline’s weight regulations. The guidelines for international locations are the same with the exception of dealing with US Customs.  The only difference with US Customs is that any alcohol more than a liter that is being taken home is subject to a 3% tax, but I have never had this rule enforced in the past when I have travelled and even if the rule were enforced, it is a low price to pay for a wine that I cannot find near home.  🙂

fly with wine, travel, wine
Dani with a full Fly With Wine Suitcase

When I recently travelled to Hollywood with my good friend for the weekend to an 80’s concert, premarination was in order and we broke out my VinGardeValise suitcase and had brought 3 different wine options and we end up having a little wine tasting in our hotel. 🙂  This suitcase is certainly an item that I am really happy with and I look forward to taking it with me on my upcoming anniversary trip this summer to Croatia so we can bring home some unique wine from our travels!

fly with wine, travel, wine
Dani with VinGardeValise Suitcase at the Biltmore Hotel
fly with wine, travel, wine
Interior of our hotel on our getaway – Millennium Biltmore – Downtown LA

When you visit the FlyWithWine website to make your purchase, do not forget to check out the awesome wine maps from around the world in the shopping area.  They have so many wine trails from around the world which are very useful for future travel journeys. To see the maps, check out the link here –> Wine Maps.  Don’t forget to use my link in first paragraph with promo code to get 10% off your suitcase now! 🙂 Please share your thoughts below about these VinGardeValise suitcases if you currently have one or hope to purchase one in the near future. Happy and safe travels to all of you! 🙂

fly with wine, travel, wine
Cornwallis chilling in the Fly With Wine suitcase

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fly with wine, travel, wine
Enjoying some vino on our trip



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