kinzd, leather products, high quality leather, amazon
Dani with Kinzd Products

A company by the name of Kinzd recently reached out to me to share all about their awesome leather products.  I was interested and selected two items to check out what they had to offer. I thoroughly enjoyed the products I received and decided to help spread the word about their online company.

kinzd, leather products, high quality leather, amazon
Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Portable Leather Toiletry Bag (2)
kinzd, leather products, high quality leather, amazon
Kinzd Blue Accordion Wallet RFID Leather Card Wallet for Women Credit Card Holder (2)

I ordered a blue Accordion Wallet RFID Leather Card Wallet for Women’s Credit Card Holder, which was only $15.99 and a Women’s Travel Cosmetic Organizer with double layer multiple waterproof compartments for only $22.99! 

As can be seen in my photos here, the blue accordion wallet is awesome in that there is so much space and I can finally fit all of my credit cards and membership cards in one place along with cash and spare change. You can purchase this wallet in a variety of 4 different colors! I love how there is an outside pocket with a plastic coating so that I never lose my i.d anymore.  I can simply show it on the side of the wallet and not dig around all day looking for my license! 😊 There is 2 zipper compartments, an ID window, 10 accordion folds, 13 card slots, 1 cash compartment, and it zips nicely and stays closed with a button snap.

I became super excited about my new Travel Cosmetic bag from Kinzd when it arrived because not only was it made with high quality leather, nylon and polyester, but there was a variety of space for all of the items I need with me when I travel. I could fit everything from makeup brushes, lip glosses, makeup remover cleaner, lotions and more. See my photos here and see how awesome the design is!  Not only is there a lot of space in this design with several zippers and pockets, but the interior material is waterproof! This bag was very roomy and the zippers were of very high quality.   I am looking forward to using this travel bag on my girls’ getaway this upcoming weekend!

Feel free to use the promo code: KINOFF20 to get 20% off coupons for Kinzd online.  😊 These products are also available on Amazon.

Kinzd was founded with a simple goal which was to offer slim wallets made with socially conscious materials at an affordable price. Kinzd was founded in Hong Kong over 5 years ago and originated when the owner of a small puppy named Kinzd continually enjoyed destroying every wallet he was able to get his paws on.  After the destruction of wallet after wallet, the company Kinzd was formed to create an everlasting wallet, which was named the AS145 Slim Wallet.  Since then, the word of Kinzd products have quickly spread through over 90 countries due to their high quality and extreme ability of wear and tear.  As long-lasting products made with only full-grain leather for a great price, I was pretty stoked to check them out! I experienced great customer service and quick turn around on delivery!  Refunds are also offered if you are ever unsatisfied with a purchase from Kinzd.  Have you ever purchased a product from this company? Please share your thoughts below in the comments section. 

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