Colleary’s Bistro, A Well-Known Local Gem in Orange

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October 5, 2017 by danisdecadentdeals

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

Dani at Colleary’s Bistro in Orange

Looking for fun Sunday Funday brunches is one of my favorite pastimes and I recently found a really special locals place right in my own backyard in the heart of Orange County.  Colleary’s Bistro is conveniently located in the city of Orange off of Tustin and Meats in the Target shopping center. 

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

Dani with one of the owners, Jen – Colleary’s Bistro, Orange

I first started interacting with Colleary’s Bistro on Instagram as their food looked delectable and when they invited me in to dine and share about it with all of you, there was no way I could turn down the opportunity!  The biggest difficulty for me was deciding if I would like breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Since I am a huge brunch maniac and they had such a delicious looking menu of offerings for my favorite meal of the weekend, I head in to Colleary’s Bistro on a lovely Sunday afternoon with my husband. 

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

Colleary’s Bistro Breakfast Menu

When entering Colleary’s Bistro, there was a very warm and welcoming family atmosphere. Although there was a large crowd outside and the dining room was jam packed, we were able to make our way to a lovely corner table and get a seat right under the sign that said, Wine Cellar. 😊 

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

Colleary’s Bistro in Orange Dining Room (2)

Once seated, one of the friendly owners, Jen came to greet us and bring us a lovely round of $10 bottomless mimosas with a variety of different juices to mix and blend with.  The mimosa flight included mango-peach, pineapple, cranberry, and orange juice.  It is only $8 for one mimosa and $2 more for unlimited…so why not? 😊 My personal favorite was the mango-peach juice and the champagne was not too shabby either. Some champagnes give me a headache, but this one was nice and smooth and gave me the nice little buzz to enjoy prior to seeing the movie, It in the theater down the street.

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

Mimosas Aplenty – Colleary’s Bistro, Orange

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

Dani with Mimosas – Colleary’s Bistro, Orange

We decided to order a classic favorite of mine, along with two items that blew me out of the water when I read the descriptions. There are quite a few unique brunch items on the Colleary’s menu that I wanted to try!

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

My Love and I – Colleary’s Bistro, Orange

We of course got my personal favorite, the Eggs Benedict.  As I have mentioned in many articles in the past, this dish is regularly my go to breakfast dish and I am always excited to try it at every new restaurant I visit.  The Bistro Eggs Benedict came with Two large poached eggs over English muffins and Canadian bacon and was covered generously with bistro hollandaise sauce.  It also had a nice large order of their tasty bistro potatoes.  For only $12, this meal was a steal!

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

Eggs Benedict – Colleary’s Bistro, Orange

We also ordered the classic favorite of the Colleary’s regular customers, along with their entire team, their ever so famous Eggs Benedict Flatbread…and it was quite impressive!  We just had to try this item because it sounded so unique and we were dreaming about devouring it the night before we arrived at the restaurant!  The Eggs Benedict Flatbread was brushed with pesto, then layered with tomato, mushrooms, bacon and mozzarella cheese and topped with 3 poached eggs and bistro hollandaise sauce!! Yum in the tum…Seriously this was the perfect blend of my favorite dish blended with an Italian flare.  This dish is what happens when Eggs Benedict meets pizza and when these two get together, it causes great pleasure for the taste buds! This dish was also $12!

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

Eggs Benedict Flatbread – Colleary’s Bistro, Orange

Lastly, we just had to try the Blueberry Ricotta Buttermilk Pancakes topped with Blueberries!  Rather than getting the pancakes for $10 that are a generous serving of 2 large pancakes served with your choice of bacon, ham or sausage, we opted to get the $12 Bistro Breakfast Combo that has everything I mentioned above plus two eggs any style with an additional option of corned beef hash!  We ended up getting the corned beef hash of course! 😊 

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes – Colleary’s Bistro, Orange (photo by my hubby, Tom Holmberg)

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

Corned Beef Hash, Eggs and Potatoes – Colleary’s Bistro, Orange

With the combination of our three lovely platters and never-ending mimosas with a lovely variety of juices, along with a great atmosphere and friendly staff, we had a great Sunday Funday brunch!  We loved all three dishes and even had enough leftovers to serve both of us breakfast again the next day!  We will definitely be back to enjoy the Sunday Brunch at Colleary’s Bistro once again sometime soon.  Warm hospitality, delicious food, and a great location all made our Sunday special! 

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

Sunday Funday Brunch at Colleary’s Bistro, Orange

We also want to head back in to enjoy the happy hour, which sounds absolutely amazing with a variety of $5 plates and it is from 3-6pm every day! They also have something called “Flights and Flatbreads,” which includes a wine flight, a glass of wine, and a flatbread pizza with several different options for only $15! In addition to happy hour, I would like to go to one of their wine dinners as well. As you know from past articles, I certainly do enjoy my wine and paired with good food…That is just pure heaven!  Prices for wine dinners do vary, but check their website to see what events they have coming up soon!

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

Bistro Breakfast Combo – Colleary’s Bistro, Orange

Have you ever been in to dine at Collleary’s Bistro? If you have not, you are missing out and must go soon! I told my students about this place and one them insisted on their dad taking them last weekend and they instantly fell in love with this place as well! Please share your thoughts below in the comments section and if you have ever been for dinner, please tell me which dish I must try.  Happy eating! 😊 

Colleary's bistro, oc, orange county, restaurants

Colleary’s Bistro in Orange Dining Room (1)

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