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Happy Valentine's Day 2012
Happy Valentine’s Day 2012
My husband's home cooked Valentine's Day Meal in 2008
My husband’s home cooked Valentine’s Day Meal in 2008

My husband and I always love Valentine’s Day as it is the day of love, but we both believe that everyday you need to treasure the one you love.  When in love every day should always be Valentine’s Day in terms of trust, love and respect.:) Below are a variety of different menus and deals for several different restaurants in Orange County, California. 🙂 FOR MY 2014 VALENTINES DAY POSTS GO HERE –> VALENTINE’S DAY 2014 PART 1 MEALS & DEALS & 2014 PART 2 GIFTS & ACTIVITIES.


St. Regis Valentine's Day Dinner Options

This one is definitely the most expensive of all of these options, but the resort is certainly a gorgeous one located in the lap of luxury in the city of Monarch Beach.


south coast winery dinner

As I always mention on my facebook page, this is one of my favorite resorts to get away to and their food is fabulous as well. This is truly a romantic restaurant and resort:)


Gyu-Kaku Valentine's Day Meal
Gyu-Kaku Valentine’s Day Meal

If you want a unique experience with fabulous food and fun, Gyu Kaku is the place to check out!


Agora Churascarria Valentine's Day Deal
Agora Churascarria Valentine’s Day Deal

Agora Churascarria is always one of my favorite places to go for Brazilian Barbecue.  This restaurant knows how to grill their meats!  The side orders are also fabulous, but my favorite by far that is a must try are the complimentary Brazilian cheese balls to compliment your meal!!  My mouth is watering just thinking of them!


Orange Coast Winery

This is a great winery located in an industrial building in Costa Mesa. If you plan to go out to dinner after this wine, cheese and chocolate fabulousness be sure not to have too much or you will be too full:)  This winery is located near to several fabulous restaurants in the Costa Mesa and Newport Beach areas.:)


California Pizza Kitchen Valentine's Day Menu
California Pizza Kitchen Valentine’s Day Menu

This is a great classic option. You truly never can go wrong with CPK. They have fabulous pizzas, salads and entrees.  This is definitely the most economical option on this list.  A full dinner for 2 for $30 is pretty impressive:)


Melting Pot Valentine's Day Menu

Melting Pot Late Lover's Valentine Menu

I absolutely love fondue and with these two different options, how can you go wrong?  The top menu is for the regular Valentine’s Day menu and the bottom option is also for Valentine’s Day, but it is the late night option.  Fondue is a unique experience and if two of your favorite foods are cheese and me…:) This is a great option! Check out my article about the Melting pot from a time I went there and all of the great specials they have : Melting Pot Brea


Valentine's Day Menu at Catal - Patina Group
Valentine’s Day Menu at Catal – Patina Group

Patina Group always has fabulous food at all of their restaurants and Catal is definitely no exception..One thing I absolutely love about Patina Group is that they have NO CORKAGE FEES at their restaurants. Click here No Corkage Restaurants in Orange County for an article all about it:)

Fresh Cooked Lobster made by my Fabulous  husband on 2012 Valentine's Day
Fresh Cooked Lobster made by my Fabulous husband on 2012 Valentine’s Day

To see my Part 1 Article for Valentine’s Day Gift ideas, click here:  Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.  To give my facebook page a *likes* and see more daily deals like these, simply click here and hit likes!

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Banderas in Corona Del Mar Valentine's Day 2009
Banderas in Corona Del Mar Valentine’s Day 2009

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