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Fabulous restaurants that offer NO CORKAGE fees on wine!!!

Me with our wines be brought from home at Uva Bar in Downtown Disney. No corkage baby!!

When I go out to eat I love to enjoy a nice bottle of wine with my dinner, however the prices can be outrageous. With markups at restaurants usually being 200-300%, our dinner budget while dining out always seems to go through the roof!

Me with my love enjoying our vino in the Uva Bar courtyard

In the recent past, we have discovered some restaurants that we regularly frequent that have no corkage fees and I must say they have become some of our regular restaurants we go to even when we are sick of the food there. This may sound funny, but leaving the restaurant with a check half the amount of what we normally spend when exorbitant amounts of money are usually put forth for wine feels so much better.:)

Dani happy and content at Disneyland!:)

A restaurant chain that offers free corkage is Patina Group. This restaurant chain has restaurants throughout the east & west coast, but I am fortunately located in the West Coast where there are ten different restaurants from this restaurant group that offer free corkage.

Catal & Uva Bar 
Patina Group Restaurant List
Patina Group Restaurant List
Outside of Uva Bar with the husband:)

We are Disneyland premium annual passholders and we regularly enjoy participating in what we call adult Disney with our friends.

Me & one of my closest buds ❤

Adult Disney for us consists of each couple bringing two bottles of wine to either Catal or the UVA Bar & lounging and eating appetizers and dinner for a few hours while the sun goes down, so that when we enter the park, the kiddies are gone, the lines are short, and we can walk around the park with a nice “buzz on.”

Jodi’s bday at Catal. A good friend of mine since we were in Brownies as little girls with her husband Chris & my husband:)



*Tip in Laguna Beach; if you purchase a bottle of wine at the Laguna Canyon Winery inquire about their list of restaurants that have no corkage fees for when you bring their bottles of wine into the restaurant.  There are about ten different choices and the Laguna Canyon Winery has some delicious wines as well as a free tasting of their wines for each bottle purchased…

Laguna Canyon Winery Downtown Tasting Room

More restaurants located in Orange County, CA that have no corkage fees

Restaurants Locations
Scott’s Seafood (no corkage   Sundays only) Costa Mesa
Roman Cucina (Wednesdays only   & entrée purchase required) Laguna Hills, Fullerton, Costa   Mesa, Sunset Beach
Memphis Cafe (no corkage Sunday   thru Thursday with entrée purchase) Santa Ana, Costa Mesa
Melting Pot (no corkage if they   don’t carry the wine) Irvine
Alley Restaurant & Bar (no   corkage ever if wine not on house wine list) Newport Beach
Jack Shrimp (no corkage fee ever) (closed down) Newport Beach


Memphis Cafe in Santa Ana

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41 thoughts on “Fabulous restaurants that offer NO CORKAGE fees on wine!!!

  1. I think this will become a big trend as people already have to think twice about going out to eat and then having to buy two glass of wine for the price of a bottle doesn’t encourage going out.

  2. Wouldn’t dream of taking alcohol into a restaurant here in the UK. Not sure if any of them charge corkage, venues that host events such as weddings, charge corkage if you don’t have the alcohol though.

    1. Very interesting Jacqui. Here in the US many people bring their own wine to dinner because it is the bottle they like or they simply do not want to pay wine markup fees, but the problem is some corkage fees are so high, it makes more sense to buy their wine or go to the no corkage restaurants I listed.:)

  3. It’s amazing how much money I have saved being able to enjoy life without drinking. I have enjoyed some of the restaurants you have listed here, for their food, that is 🙂

  4. You make Disney Sound so appetizing all over again as an adult… 2 wine bottles… mmmhmm haha I feel like a kid all over again, yet also an adult. What like a wonderful time. I am planning a trip in my head now after your post, to one day be able to follow your advice Ty 🙂

    1. Awesome!! I am glad to hear my article made you feel that way! I truly LOVE doing adult Disney:) You definitely must make a trip to Disneyland and to the fabulous restaurants in Downtown that offer no corkage! Patina Group rocks! Thanks for the comment!

  5. It is fun to bring your own wine to a restaurant. Nice tip on asking the winery for referrals to restaurants that offer no corkage fees. Now I know the term for this. Thanks!

  6. This is just starting to come in in some of our provinces in Canada. In my province the liquor laws don’t allow it . Pity. I will look for it when we travel.

  7. We took advantage of the no corkage fees at Patina Group (downtown Disney) several times back when they advertised it. It was great. Once the servers had no idea what we were talking about and had to keep getting the manager we started tapering off. (This was mainly at Tortilla Joe’s). Are you still having luck with no corkage fees with them? Mimi’s used to offer $1 corkage but the last time we tried it they increased it to $5, which still isn’t bad if you have a good inexpensive bottle to bring. Pretty much the price of two soda’s. 🙂

    1. Hello Chantal! Thanks so much for your comment! We love taking advantage of no corkage in downtown is usually at Catal, Uva & Naples cuz when we go to Tortilla Jo’s we r all about the margs:) Thanks for the tip abour Mimi’s! I did not know that:) Have a fabulous day!

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