Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco

This past April, my husband and I decided to venture to San Francisco and Napa for a little getaway and to attend a huge food conference for our blogs.  We went on our trip at the beginning of April which was the most awesome weather you could ask for. Being a Southern California resident, the drive to Northern California is 8 hours, but my husband and I decided that we did not want to make the trek, so we decided to fly. There are always some great flight specials offered from Southern California to Northern California for those of you that want to travel to and from those destinations.

Our Southwest Airlines Flight Orange County - San Francisco
Our Southwest Airlines Flight Orange County – San Francisco

Since we flew, we decided it would be best to rent a car because Napa and San Francisco are a good hour to hour and half apart from one another when driving and a bus would not take us to every destination we wanted to visit.

When I travel, I always use the website Kayak to look for travel deals and this time was no different. I simply went to, put in my travel dates and all of the different prices from a variety of different companies popped up on my screen. Among the companies that popped up, one company stood out to me, not only because it was the cheapest, but because several of the companies I pulled up seemed to be charging more for cars than for mini vans…very odd…

Super Cheap Car Rental Logo
Super Cheap Car Rental Logo

The rental car company that stood out was Super Cheap Car Rentals. I had never heard of them before and I quickly learned that they were only based out of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Orange County. This sounded great to me! I discovered that the prices offered by Super Cheap Car Rental were about 30% lower than the other companies…so I thought…There must be a catch!

In reading the fine print closely on the site, even though I saw they were 2 miles from the airport, getting a taxi would be cheaper than going with another rental car company…and I did not want a minivan. 🙂

Our Super Cheap Rental Car - White Hyundai
Our Super Cheap Rental Car – White Hyundai

After making my reservation through Super Cheap Car Rental, I received a confirmation email which told me that I could call them for a free ride from the airport upon landing to be taken to the rental car company!! What a great service…

Wine Tasting in Napa Valley, California
Wine Tasting in Napa Valley, California

So…we spent 30% less, had a friendly person named Amanda pick us up from the airport that kindly drove us to the rental car place and then proceeded to have us sign a form and she gave us the keys to the car she had just come to pick us up in. Talk about service…no line of families with screaming babies…Just one simple office building with two super friendly attendants, a signature, a set of keys and there was a bonus!! We had forgotten out car chargers and they gave us those for our car as well!! They had a whole drawer of them!!  Amanda & Jessica were so hospitable in the San Francisco Super Cheap Car Rental place, so I just want to give a shot out to them!

Our Hotel - Historic Napa River Inn
Our Hotel – Historic Napa River Inn

Upon finishing with the car and having to return it, the process was so chill…there was no specific time we had to have it back on the last day…it was simply any time by midnight and there was a drop box for the keys if the office was closed! How cool!! I will definitely be using Super Cheap Car Rentals again in the future. Our little white Hyundai Excel was definitely worth the fees we were charged and the service was so simple to use! Thank you so much Super Cheap Car Rentals!!! We will be back! Definitely check out Super Cheap Car Rentals if you are visiting San Jose, San Francisco, Orange County or Los Angeles and you need a rental car for a reasonable price that includes everything!

San Francisco Bay
San Francisco Bay

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