*This poem is written in honor of my beautiful cat that passed away today after 18 years of life. She was my daughter and my best friend and I loved her so very much. I find I must share this poem I wrote today in memory of her as it has been one of the worst days ever for me. Thanks for reading. ❤

Jezabel's Last Day On Earth - Saying Goodbye
Jezabel’s Last Day On Earth – Saying Goodbye


My dear sweet Jezabel will always remain alive in my heart.

When she was present on earth we were never apart.

She came into my life 18 years ago.

Together each and every day together we did grow.

I loved her so dearly and the memories will never die.

This will be true, no matter how many tears I cry…

She made me happy each and every single day.

The memories I have with her will hopefully never fade away.

From the time she was a kitten, I called her my Princess because she always needed things her way.

Over the years not much changed and in my heart she will stay.

Throughout my life, when I was sad I cried in her fur.

She always allowed me to do so and continued to purr.

I always knew things would be fine when I hugged and slept with my precious cat.

Now that you have the left the earth, my heart feels like a doormat.

I look forward to the day when I can hopefully see my sweet Jezabel once again.

I will remember her in my heart and memories until then.

You will never fade away my special furry friend and hopefully in time my heart will mend.

Rest In Peace my dear special friend…Mommy will always love you!