animal medication, veterinarian, online pharmacies

How to Obtain Pet Medication for a Cheaper Price



animal medication, veterinarian, online pharmacies
Jezabel in all her glory

Many of us have pets and we think of them as our family and want to care for them the best we can, which sometimes means getting medical treatment for them that can become quite expensive!  This article is to share with you a way of possibly getting your pet meds for cheaper than the normal prices that are charged at the Veterinary hospital.

animal medication, veterinarian, online pharmacies
Jezabel and I at the Vet

This past August, I was extremely distraught after losing my precious beloved, Jezabel whom was my cat daughter and fur baby for 18 years.  I had my precious Jezabel for her whole life and she was a huge part of mine as we had snuggled together from when I was age 18 all the way until I was 36.  I could not imagine a day without her, so when her health started failing, I was willing to do any treatments I could to keep her healthy and comfortable in her older years.

To read more about Jezabel, my gorgeous treasure, you can see the poem I wrote for her along with picture memories here → A Poem for Jezabel, I Will Miss You Always.


animal medication, veterinarian, online pharmacies
Jezabel at the Vet to see Dr. Krause

As Jezabel entered her elder years (maybe about 14-15) she started to need maintenance medication to help her to eat normally and to keep her kidneys functioning normally. I was purchasing tapazole and prednisone regularly for her and I was paying full price at my vet facility…it was not until Jezebel’s last year of life when things continued to deteriorate and the medication and treatments necessary began to become astronomical prices.  

animal medication, veterinarian, online pharmacies
Cornwallis at the Vet

Being the savings person I am, or I should say even if I was never money savvy, the prices for treatment were out of control!  I started to look into other options, such as online prescriptions at online veterinary facilities and found that the medication was sometimes half or a quarter of the price at online pharmacies!


animal medication, veterinarian, online pharmacies
Pepe after a bath

I quickly called my veterinarian and came to find that they could write me prescriptions to either A) go to my nearest pharmacy to order them or B) purchase them from online pharmacies.  The prices in the online pharmacies were amazing, so this was the route I was going to take…

animal medication, veterinarian, online pharmacies
Jezabel in her bowtie







I proceeded to ask my vet for the prescriptions which was when I found out that my pet hospital, Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital was actually willing to do a price match for me!  I was surprised and super happy to find out that I could actually get my medication from my pet hospital for the online price by simply printing out the information from the website and faxing it to them to show the prices I had researched and found online!


animal medication, veterinarian, online pharmacies
Cornwallis happy and content

My vet explained to me that they were worried about me acquiring medicine from the internet vet that was not the right dosage or prescription and that they would rather give to my precious Jezabel the exact medication they wanted to prescribe, so they were willing to price match.

In the last few months of Jezabel’s life, times were tough, but I know she had the best care at Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital! The staff is always super friendly and I know that my animals truly receive the best care there by well trained veterinarians and fabulous caring support staff!  People that worked at Serrano definitely took an interest in my precious furbaby and how she was doing.

animal medication, veterinarian, online pharmacies
Pepe in his tie

I just wanted to share this information with everyone out there for if you are struggling with a sick pet or having to purchase medication regularly for your pet for maintenance of keeping them healthy.  I would recommend asking your vet if they have a program such as this one at my pet hospital where they are willing to price match medications or write prescriptions to get your animal medications elsewhere in order to not go in debt when your pets are ill.  


animal medication, veterinarian, online pharmacies
Dani and Cornwallis

I hope this option works for you and your pet…Your little balls of love deserve the best treatment around and if there is a way to treat them and still have money in your pocket, I say go for it. Also, if you are looking for a vet and live in the South Orange County area, I definitely recommend Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital in Lake Forest, California. Please share in my comments below if you have been able to get pet care for a more economical price by inquiring about price match as I described above.  Thanks for reading. 🙂


animal medication, veterinarian, online pharmacies
Pepe and Jezabel friends

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16 thoughts on “How to Obtain Pet Medication for a Cheaper Price

  1. I have found our vets not willing to match prices, they even charge a higher exam rate for the privilege of taking your prescription elsewhere!

  2. This is very helpful information. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs so needing to buy medication could get quite expensive. Luckily They are all fairly young and healthy, but I will definitely consider this for the future is any problems arise. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this pet prescription information – all my children have pets that have been costing a fortune, whether its arthritis, knee joint operations and many other ailments/surgeries that require prescription meds. I will pass this along to them. Thank you again!

  4. The first time I asked our veterinarian to write a prescription for our dog, they were not impressed at all, and tried to give me every excuse in the book as to why purchasing their medicine was the only way. I held my ground though.

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