Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails

Lark Creek Spring Cocktails and Happy Hour (Restaurant Closed)


Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails
Dani with Lead Bar Manager, Missy

Let’s face it, we all want to save money and live the good life if possible!  In this article, I want to share with you all about some awesome new spring cocktails and happy hour menu in Newport Beach at Lark Creek Farm-Fresh Dining restaurant!  They are located in the lovely Fashion Island outdoor shopping mall.

Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails
Deviled Eggs

Lark Creek invited me in to try 5 of their newest cocktails (only one of these varietals is on the happy hour menu, but there are lots of awesome options there). We also got to try the majority of the happy hour menu offered.  There is also a special deal being offered I will mention later as well.


The 5 cocktails I sampled were the Spring Sipper, The Derby, Martinez Fresco, The Yellow Jacket, and Whistle Stop.  These drinks were also paired with four different happy hour items which were served and could be devoured with all of our beverages.   


Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails
Spring Sipper

The Spring Sipper was the first cocktail we tried and was also by far my favorite of all of the cocktails!  The Spring Sipper reminded me of a visit with my friend to the spa…it was so refreshing with ingredients that consisted of St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, prosecco, lime and cucumber.  The cucumber was quite refreshing and looked gorgeous wrapped around the champagne glass.  These are definitely the type of cocktail I can see myself sipping on a warm summer day. 

Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails
The Derby

The second cocktail, The Derby was made with bourbon, Carpano Antica, orange curacao, and lime.  This cocktail was delicious in flavor because I loved the way the orange blended with the bourbon.  Normally I am not a huge fan of bourbon alone, but I find that when it is combined with other flavors, it changes the flavor profile and I love it dearly. 🙂


Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails
Martinez Fresco

The third cocktail was a new item that was not even listed on the menu yet, so I was pretty excited to check it out.  This next cocktail was called Martinez Fresco and looked gorgeous when it came out a bright red color with gorgeous strawberries sparkling on top.  This beverage was crafted with strawberry infused Hendricks gin, house made rhubarb simple syrup, carpano antica, and lime juice.  While this drink was very appealing to my eye, it was quite sweet.  I would recommend adding something to this beverage to take a bit of the sweetness away, which they did add a bit more lime juice and this cocktail was much better.:)

Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails
The Yellow Jacket

Cocktail #4 was The Yellow Jacket which was a tequila based beverage we were all excited to try.  This cocktail was blended with Herradura Reposado tequila, Cocchi Americano, and Yellow Chartreuse.  I liked this drink because it had a unique flavor.  I have not tried very many tequila based cocktails so this one was refreshing for a change.  I really liked this beverage and I would definitely order it in the future.


Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails
Whistle Stop

The fifth and final beverage of the evening was the Whistle Stop made with Hibiscus-infused bourbon, lime, demerara simple syrup, egg white, and burlesque bitters.  I loved the Whistle Stop because I am obsessed with the new craze of egg whites in my cocktails!  I have had the Empress 1908 at the Lark Creek in the past and it is another egg white drink which I love!  The egg whites add a smooth and creamy texture to the drink.  The blends of the flavors of the ingredients of this drink along with the egg whites made this drink light and lovely in flavor.

Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails
Fanny Bay Oysters

Happy Hour menu items we tried were the deviled eggs, Fanny Bay Oysters, pork belly sliders, braised short rib tacos, & bbq tamale pancake.  I have had the deviled eggs before and fell in love, so this was true love once again when the eggs arrived in sight!


Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails
Deviled Eggs

The deviled eggs were decked out with dungeness crab and chipotle aioli…only two words…true perfection!  The Pork belly sliders were a hit with our group. I am not a big pork person, but the flavor was definitely tasty.  The spices on the pork blended together nicely with kimchi and a hoisin glaze. I was quite nervous these sliders would be spicy, but they were actually quite mellow. If you like them spicy, I would recommend asking for extra sauce.  The braised short rib tacos were next to be devoured with chipotle rub, pickled cabbage and avocado-tomatillo salsa!  The flavor on these was pretty amazing but they were a bit too spicy for me. I would order these again but I would probably ask for the salsa on the side. 🙂  The last item we tasted was the BBQ chicken tamale pancake which was my favorite item next to the deviled eggs!!  The tamale pancake was extremely unique and unlike anything I had ever tried before.  It was a very tasty dish that I will definitely order with my deviled eggs when I go back. 

Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails
Pork Slider

All of the food items I mention above are on the Happy Hour Menu for only $6 each!! The happy hour menu takes place from Sunday through Thursday from 3pm-7pm & Friday & Saturday from 3pm-6pm.  Also included on the happy hour menu are 4 cocktails (the Derby is included) for $7 each, $4 bite items & $10 burgers!


Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails
Oysters and beers $1

Also, make sure to head in asap for the $1 Oysters and Beer promo also included during happy hour!  It is true…Oysters are literally $1 and there are 5 different bottled beers for only $1.  There are also $10 large format bottled beer, $5 wines, & $5 well cocktails!

Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails
Chicken Tamale Pancake





I love Lark Creek and have visited them in the past!  They are the perfect place to go for a fancy romantic dinner with the one you love or with the family to celebrate a special occasion or a girls or guys night out!  To read about Lark Creek’s dinner menu options, see my article here –> Lark Creek Dinner Experience.


Lark creek, newport beach, restaurants, spring cocktails
Short Rib Tacos

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21 thoughts on “Lark Creek Spring Cocktails and Happy Hour (Restaurant Closed)

  1. I keep hearing about Lark Creek — I need to head down some day! Those cocktails sound amazing and I totally don’t know which one I’d start with. I normally don’t do a lot of the harder liquor but wow, those drinks would totally lure me in! Which was your favorite? An egg white in a drink — I’d probably try that one first because I’ve never tried a drink like that!

    1. It is a great place with some awesome deals for happy hour! I think my favorite drink on their menu is the Empress 1908 and it has egg white as well:) Let me know what you think when you go! 🙂

  2. Those look super yummy! I wish I lived closer to be able to try some of these! The food looks amazing as well. If I’m ever in the area I will have to go there!

  3. Wow this looks amazing, I wish I could go visit and try for myself. The tamale pancakes look especially good..I’ve never heard of anything like that before!

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