Journey Of Ireland Part 2 – Gorgeous Hotels And Crappy Rental Car Scam


August 12, 2013 by danisdecadentdeals

Gorgeous Ireland Scenery 5

Gorgeous Ireland Scenery 5

In this second post in a series of six, this Ireland Post will be about the hotels we stayed at on our journey through Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Killarney and the car that took us through the cities, proudly driven by yours truly.:) To see Ireland Part 1 about travel logistics go here: IRELAND PART 1

I used a myriad of companies to book our hotel reservations for Ireland based upon what was the cheapest at the time.  Two sites I recommend to compare different prices when booking rooms are Kayak & Trip Advisor.  These can also be used for flights as well.  For this trip I ended up using, and one room was cheaper to book directly through the hotel.  It is always important to do your research so you do not get ripped off.

Gorgeous Ireland Scenery 1

Gorgeous Ireland Scenery 1

Gorgeous Ireland Scenery 2

Gorgeous Ireland Scenery 2

Another very important piece of hotel research is researching areas. My husband and I like to do this through trip advisor. On our trips, we always like to stay city center so you can walk around and explore, especially in a city like Dublin, where we decided not to rent a car.  We loved all of our hotels. In Dublin we stayed at the Brooks Hotel for our first 2 nights. In Cork we spent one night at a Bed & Breakfast called the Garnish House & another night at the River Lee Hotel. Upon leaving Cork we went to Killarney and stayed at the Killarney Plaza Hotel. Next, in Galway we stayed at the Park House Hotel. For our last 2 nights in Dublin, we stayed at the Trinity Capital Hotel.

Brooks Hotel

Brooks Hotel

On our trip we spent our first 2 nights in Dublin at the Brooks Hotel  which I must say was very convenient to everywhere we wanted to trek to in the Dublin area, including the popular touristy area of Temple Bar. The Brooks Hotel had friendly staff and a prime location. I would definitely stay in this lovely hotel again.

Hop ON Hop Off Bus Tour Dubin

Hop ON Hop Off Bus Tour Dubin

Before booking through outside websites check out their website first as there always special offers, midweek specials and other promos always going on.  In Dublin it is very easy to get around town and we opted to use the Hop On-Hop Off Tour bus. There are 24 stops for this bus and you can get a 15% discount by purchasing your pass online here: HOP ON-HOP OFF BUS. Prices are normally 18 Euro for adults and 16 Euro for students and seniors. (It is always beneficial to have a student id with you in Ireland to save money.)

Gorgeous Ireland Scenery 3

Gorgeous Ireland Scenery 3

Upon leaving Dublin to our next city, Cork we made our way back to the Dublin airport with The Dublin bus (mentioned in Ireland 1 post) It can be very confusing to figure out where to get your rental car, so ask someone the second you get there so you don’t end up walking around in circles like we did.

Our Rental Car - The Fluence (European Car)

Our Rental Car – The Fluence (European Car)

We were renting a car from Dooley/Payless which ended up being the WORST deal and the biggest rip off of our trip.  We had already booked a car through and at the airport they insisted on overcharging and upgrading so many things. I did not want to sign the rental car agreement paperwork because I told them I did not agree, but they would not have given me any car if I did not, so I let them know I would be contesting the charges the second I got home.  Since then (a huge war with Dooley occurred..long story) but On Our Way To The Cliffs Of Mohrin a nutshell I had my credit card company credit me for their overcharges and Dooley has not fought back yet and they only have a certain number of days, so my fingers are crossed…I would NEVER EVER recommend Dooley/Payless rental cars even to my worst enemy. I was supposed to be spending $200 total for my rental car plus insurance (maybe $150) but Dooley ripped me off and charged me over $1,000 for the week!!

Garnish House Bed And Breakfast - Cork

Garnish House Bed And Breakfast – Cork

Our first stop after Dublin was Cork which had a gorgeous landscape. For the first night we stayed in a Bed & Breakfast called, “The Garnish House.”  This was an adorable building with a very welcoming couple as hosts. The breakfast was absolutely fabulous! The only problem that I had with this place is that upon leaving after enjoying my stay they charged me extra for the breakfast!! I had never heard of anything like this before because in the

Yummy Breads at Garnish House Bed And Breakfast (2)

Yummy Breads at Garnish House Bed And Breakfast (2)

United States the point of doing a “Bed & Breakfast” is because breakfast is included. I did let the owners know that they need to mention this in the reservations if we will have to pay additional for breakfast because I forced myself to wake up to eat the breakfast because I thought it was included. I never would have woke so early to eat breakfast there if I was going to be charged an extra fee.

Yummy Breads at Garnish House Bed And Breakfast (1)

Yummy Breads at Garnish House Bed And Breakfast (1)

Gorgeous River Lee Hotel in Cork

Gorgeous River Lee Hotel in Cork

The next day we moved onto what I think was the best hotel in our entire stay. The hotel was called, “The River Lee.” The view at this hotel was absolutely breathtaking. We were right next to a quaint river bed and the hotel had glass windows throughout so you could see all of the gorgeous views outside from anywhere within the hotel. For this hotel they upgraded us to the executive floor which gave us access to a room with waters, juices, snacks and big screen TV’s.  It was a nice perk.

River Lee in Cork at Night

River Lee in Cork at Night

Killarney Plaza Hotel

Killarney Plaza Hotel

The next city we drove to was Killarney and we stayed at the Killarney Plaza Hotel.  The Killarney Plaza was in a great location near to everything we wanted to do such as the Ross Castle and the National Park, but I cannot say there

Dani Driving on the Opposite side of the Road and the Seat

Dani Driving on the Opposite side of the Road and the Seat

was anything special that stood out to me about this property. The parking situation was quite sketchy on a Bank Holiday weekend in that there were not nearly enough spaces and the spaces were very tight at that, which becomes a bit of a struggle, especially when you are not used to the steering wheel being on the passenger side of the car in terms of the way cars are made in the Unites States.

Park House Hotel - Galway

Park House Hotel – Galway

Our second to last hotel we stayed at was in Galway and it was called, “The Park House Hotel.” We got to Galway later in the evening and had a hard time finding this hotel as we circled the streets several times, until we realized parking was behind the hotel and they were very small spaces and we had to valet. The Park House Hotel

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

had a fabulous restaurant in which we celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary.:)  The rooms were very nice in the Park House Hotel as well:).  We thoroughly enjoyed our 3 night stay.

When Driving Be Careful Not To Hit Any Sheep

When Driving Be Careful Not To Hit Any Sheep

Super Tight Parking Space at Killarney Plaza Hotel

Super Tight Parking Space at Killarney Plaza Hotel

The last stop before going home was back to Dublin. We dropped off our rental car at Dooley and took the Dublin bus back into the city for one last stop. The last hotel we stayed at was Trinity Capital.  I must say…the stay started off rocky here, but the staff quickly fixed everything for us. Upon arriving at the Trinity Capital in Dublin, it was one of the warmest days and we trekked down the streets of Ireland lost with heavy bags because we were dropped off at a Trinity Bar and not the Trinity hotel…After finally finding our hotel, we were assigned to our room on a top level floor and we were shocked to find our room had no air conditioning.  After calling the front desk and expressing our frustrations of being hot in a room that was around 88 degrees Fahrenheit for a few

Triniy Capital Hotel 1

Triniy Capital Hotel 1

hours, we were moved to one of the nicest newest suites that had central air.  We loved the room. It was gorgeous and very spacious and we were able to continue on our journey of Ireland.

Trinity Capital Hotel

Trinity Capital Hotel

Gorgeous Ireland Scenery 4

Gorgeous Ireland Scenery 4

To read Post 3 of my “All about Ireland” series click here: Article 3 Dublin Restaurants and Activities🙂 There are so many fabulous restaurants in town and when travelling to Ireland, you must hit up some of my personal favorites. Also check out Article 4 Cork City Restaurants and Activities.  There is also Article 5 Killarney Restaurants & Activities. Lastly is Article 6 Galway Restaurants & Activities!

Road Trippin D

Road Trippin D

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52 thoughts on “Journey Of Ireland Part 2 – Gorgeous Hotels And Crappy Rental Car Scam

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  2. Dov Shapira says:

    What a great trip for you anniversary. And you guys know how to have good time.
    How did you like driving the Renault?

  3. OMG! I am happy for you both, dear.
    That’s an amazing dessert

  4. Vene' says:

    What an awesome trip for your anniversary..Wishing you many, many more

  5. That is awful about the car rental! If I ever get to travel, I will never use their company!

  6. Teresa says:

    great review thanks for sharing

  7. Wow, what a great trip! Ireland is definitely on my bucket list!

  8. Dana Maciag says:

    Sound like a great trip, can’t wait to go there one day myself!

  9. Tyler Kull says:

    looks beautiful, I’ve always wanted to travel to Ireland.

  10. Rob says:

    Great reviews… this is on my bucket list places to go..

  11. Lisa Hodges says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Wonderful you got to see such a beautiful country, but unfortunate tainted by the car rental company.

  12. Kelly says:

    Wow. I can’t believe they charged over $1000.00 for a week! Hopefully they won’t contest it and you will only end up paying the $200.00

  13. Jim Striegel says:

    Yikes! I’m glad you’re trying to do something about this. Thank you for sharing. Great pics!

  14. Awwe!.. Happy Anniversary to you both!.. You both looked like you had lots of fun, besides the car part lol.. I love how you guys travel everywhere.. amazing!

  15. Lisa Mason says:

    Bookmarking this for when I finally get my trip to Ireland. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you had a fabulous time.

  16. Irene S. says:

    Fingers are crossed that Dooley never does! What a great blog post. You all sure get around to some nice places. I am living vicariously through you.

  17. Robin F. says:

    Great trip and anniversary!!! On my bucket list

  18. Good information about traveling out of the country. It sounds like your trip overall was fantastic. But, there are things you need to be wary of too.

  19. Janice Tarquin says:

    Wow! $1,000 for a car rental….that would have soured my day, but I have to say that Ireland is on my list of places I would like to visit. Will watch the car rental, however!

  20. Happy Anniversary!! I loved the pictures and hotel recommendations. Definitely will check back if we make it over there!

  21. JasonValasek says:

    You have shared Daniele a lot of beautiful scenery of your trip to Ireland. I am jealous LOL and wanna pack my things there in the next coming months. Thanks for sharing your itinerary experiences. Bad things may come on your way. It happens in our everyday life and that mistake where you became a victim in ripped off and scams is the best lesson to be extra careful next time. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

    • Hello Jason! Thank you so much for the comment. I do not know I was unable to see this until now:) Thanks for the super sweet comment:) It is appreciated! Dooley car rentals did fight me back so now I am in a war with them..I just need my money back. I do not like rip off artists!Have a fabulous weekend!

  22. That was a great trip through Ireland. I really didn’t care for the hop on and off bus, but loved the hotels. Be sure to check if the hotels have AC before you book, especially in the summer

  23. ooops not the hope on hope off bus, I meant the silly hotel bus. Always spend the extra money for a taxi….dont waste your time

  24. virtualgurus says:

    Whoa, we get so many good tips and deals from you, and it’s really good to get the warnings of crappy things like that too. It seriously gets on my nerves to see such bad businesses, sheeesh 😦

    • I feel you Robin! Unfortunately I am still battling the annoying car rental company because my credit card company contacted me yesterday telling me they want to fight it…whatever! I guess I am fighting then! No one rips off Dan and her deals!! LOL 🙂

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