Medieval Times Dinner and tournament

Medieval Times Fun – 2 Sets Of FREE Tickets Up For Grabs

Medieval Times Dinner and tournament
Close Up Picture

I had not been to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in about eight years, so I was very excited to check it out and find out what changes had come about.  The Medieval Times I am referring to in this article is the one in Buena Park.  When arriving at Medieval Times, it seemed smaller than I remember…I think it is because I went there so much when I was younger.  The castle is still quite easy to find on Beach Blvd. in Buena Park located next to the Pirate’s Dinner Theater and across the street from the new Titanic & Bodies Exhibits (formerly the Movieland Wax Museum) It is conveniently located off the exit of the 91 freeway.

Medieval Times Dinner and tournament
Ready To Cheer On Red And Yellow

There are several other Medieval Times Locations throughout the US and one in Canada. See my Castle Map picture for all locations. Medieval Times currently is celebrating 30 years in business! Tickets are $35.95 for children and $57.95 for adults plus taxes and processing fees.  For several special offers for Medieval Times, there is a special offers section on their website as well with coupons and there is a group discount section as well. For special offers, click HERE  For group discount opportunities, click HERE Medieval Times also has many reasonable celebration packages for celebrating birthdays, corporate events, etc. See link here for packages: CLICK HERE.

Medieval Times Dinner and tournament
The Yummy Fruity Beverages

When entering the castle there is a picture opportunity with “a lord and a lady.” After taking our group picture (which you have an opportunity to purchase at dinner time and I did…) we proceeded to enter the main building.  When entering, there is a bar with several fabulous mugs to choose from as souvenirs and plenty of poisons to select to fill in your glass.  There were a great variety of “fruity drink alcoholic beverage options” that myself and my two girlfriends selected and my husband had a gin and tonic. As we purchased our drinks and continued to enter the large room, there was a gift shop with swords in which my husband’s eyes gravitated to. In the gift shop there were options to purchase many type of different swords as well as fun flags by color to cheer on the color of your team in the show to come. My husband bought the four of us flags and we were excited to enter the dinner theater for our show to start. While waiting for the show, there is a “knighting ceremony” where lucky people are selected to be knighted by Medieval Times Staff and have awesome picture opportunities. 

Medieval Times Dinner and tournament
Husband And I

As the time for our dinner show approached, we were shown to our seat by color and the excitement began!  Upon being seated in the color section you are chosen to represent, the excitement grows.  Medieval Times has an impressive size stadium and the utensil-free meal is certainly a feast fit for a king! 

Medieval Times Dinner and tournament
Gift Shop

“His Majesty” feast at the Medieval Times includes tomato bisque soup, garlic bread, herb roasted potato, spare rib, oven-roasted chicken, pastry of the castle and nonalcoholic beverages.  The only thing we were bummed about is beer used to be included with your meal, but no longer is. I

Medieval Times Dinner and tournament
Our Horse And Knight

must say I was quite impressed with this feast, as my foodie husband was as well. All of the flavors made our taste buds happy and we were thoroughly satisfied at the end of our meal.  The feast is served course by course as the show proceeds on the stage below.  There are gorgeous horses, strong knights, jousting and excitement as the show continues.  The crowd gets very excited because as the knights are riding across the floor on their horses and jousting their swords, certain color teams are ahead or behind in the race to win!  People in the audience cheer for their team and wave their colored flags to cheer their color on.  Even though our team did not win, we had a fabulous time. 🙂

Medieval Times Dinner and tournament
August 2003 Medieval Times with Husband And Bro-In-Law
Medieval Times Dinner and tournament
Yummy Tender Chicken

If you would like to win tickets to Medieval Times (this contest is open to win tickets to ANY location throughout the United States and Canada)  to go check it out for yourself for FREE, please enter my contest here to win!! a Rafflecopter giveaway
I will have 2 lucky winners that will each win a pair or tickets for the show.  Winners will be announced on Thursday, August 15th, as contest will end that morning at 12am. Please see all contest disclosures in my about me section here: ABOUT ME Good luck to everyone participating in my contest. 🙂

Medieval Times Dinner and tournament
The Awesome Show

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149 thoughts on “Medieval Times Fun – 2 Sets Of FREE Tickets Up For Grabs

  1. This is an awesome giveaway! I’ve been once to Medieval Times and some friends of mine are having an anniversary coming up and I’d love to take them!! Thanks for the awesome chance to win though!

  2. I was thinking about spending a weekend in Washington DC. for my husband and I, 2 year anniversary. I was thinking this would be a great experience. I would love to get The Free tickets so that we have more to spend on other things around town.

  3. My favorite memory of MT was taking my 6 year old Grand Niece there and her getting a rose and sash from our knight (Red and Yellow). She was sooooo happy! 😀

  4. I haven’t been to this fair before. I’d like to go, though. Merlin makes me want to see what it would be like to get a taste of these times. Also I know several people who love going.

  5. Just “discovered” your awesome jewel here in the FB desert BECAUSE of the Medieval Times tickets, but ya know…I have a feeling I’m already a winner after browsing through all the great things here! 😉 I would also be a “newbie” IF I won. My daughter just turned 21 in July and we are still working on something fun to celebrate, so she would be my first choice to share with ❤

    1. Deb, Thank you so much for the comment and welcome to my page!! Medieval Times is a fabulous place and I wish you the best of luck in my contest:) I am always posting ways to save and I always have contests as well:) So happy to have you here:) Just turning 21 Medieval Times would be a great place to celebrate! 🙂

  6. Id love to win because I had my sweet 16 and bacorlette party at medieval times and would love to continue my love of the place onto my kids. I have not been able to see the new show because of financial reasons but im so dying to!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. My husband and I LOVE Medieval Times! We went there at least once a year while we were dating and I even had my 23rd birthday party there! I’d love to go back 🙂

  8. I’ve never been there before, and they have right near me 🙂 It surely is something to consider when you want to do something ‘different’ and break it up from the same old, same old 🙂

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