Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island

Check Out Lemonade’s Grand Opening At Fashion Island

Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Lemonade Fashion Island 2

Lemonade is a restaurant based in Los Angeles that opened its doors for the first time in 2008 in their West Hollywood location on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles by Chef and founder, Alan Jackson.  Lemonade offers a casual environment with comfort food that is set in a cafeteria style format.  Since the grand opening in 2008, over the past 5 years there have been 10 other location in Los Angeles that have opened and now there is a new location at Fashion Island in Orange County in Newport Beach, California. There are now 12 locations in total!  This is the first location in Orange County. See Website for listing of locations. 

Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Lemonade – The Set Up
Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Lemonade Lovely Marketplace Items

I recently went to check out the Fashion Island location of Lemonade after work one day for dinner and was pleasantly surprised. I had never dined at a Lemonade restaurant before and was unsure of what to expect.  I loved the format of the restaurant in that it was very easy to be quickly served and make your selections based upon the fresh varieties behind the counter just freshly made. My favorite benefit of eating at Lemonade was that you have the option to taste anything you desire (except for sandwiches and deserts) before you order them to make sure they are to your liking!

Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Dani With Her Lemonade
Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Lemonade

The exterior of Lemonade had a very bright and sunny feel with a bright yellow color encompassing the architecture inside and out. It was very welcoming from the moment I arrived to when I ordered and was seated.  The way the restaurant operates is you get into the line with a tray and you select the items you want and they are served portion sized by the serving staff.  There are a variety of choices offered at lemonade, such as salads, braises, sandwiches, land and see items, pasta salads and deserts.  There are many healthy items to select from which made me feel great that I was not going to overeat on my Monday dinner.

Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Avocado, cherry tomato, pine nuts
Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich with Fresh greens

When ordering at Lemonade, the different varietals of salad options are called “Marketplace Options.” Pricing is as follows – 1 portion – $2.75, 2 items – $5.25, 3 items – $7.50, 4 items – $9.25 5 items – $11, 6 items – $12.50

Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Seared Ahi tuna

Next you move on to the category, “Land and Sea” which introduce Buttermilk Chicken, Seared Ahi Tuna, and Citrus Poached Salmon. Land items are $5.50 & items from the sea are $6.50. There are also Rotisserie items available for Market Price.

Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Soba noodle, kimchi marinated vegetables, toasted peanuts
Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Stack

The next items are “Tossed Salads.” The standard market salad wit6h no proteins is a base price of $7.00 and to add a land protein the price is $12 and to add a sea protein, the price is $13.

Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Watermelon radish, ahi tuna, snap peas, black sesame, ginger

The next board after salads is “Sandwiches” and let me tell you…they had a gorgeous variety of options that ranged in price from $9.00 – $11.00.

Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Buttermilk baked chicken, green tomato, Vermont white cheddar

“Braises” options came next offering a variety of different types of stewed meats that were fabulously prepared…at least the ones I sampled. 🙂 These options ranged in price from $6.00 to $9.00 depending on if you want a ½ size portion or a full size portion.  There was also an option to add mixed greens to the side for $1.50 🙂

Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Watermelon, cucumber, feta stacks
Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Caramel and Raspberry Macarons

The next option available was the “Market Soups.”  Options from this category included Market Soup, Mac-N-Cheese, and chicken chili with some different variations included seasonally. The soups ranged in pricing from $3.00 – $5.75 depending upon which item and which size you select. There are 2 size options.

Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Crunch Bar

The last stop was “Desserts.” YUM!!!!  There were many amazing choices in this category and I settled on a Macaron & a peanut butter and chocolate rice krispie treat.  The prices for desserts varied from $1.00 to $5.00.

There is also a large variety of Fresh Squeezed Lemonades for $3 with choice of flavor, that include: Old fashioned, Cucumber mint, Blueberry mint, Watermelon rosemary, Guava limeade , Blood-orange, Arnold Palmer. There is also a sugar free option available daily!

Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Yummy Lemonade Desserts

See the awesome items I had the opportunity to sample in this post. These items are labeled below, but they included Marketplace Options – 1) Watermelon radish, ahi tuna, snap peas, black sesame, ginger 2) Avocado, cherry tomato, pine nuts 3) Soba noodle, kimchi marinated vegetables, toasted peanuts Sandwich: Buttermilk baked chicken, green tomato, Vermont white cheddar Land And Sea:  1) Seared Ahi tuna, 2) Tomato, mozzarella and basil stack 3) Watermelon, cucumber, feta stacks Braises:  BBQ brisket Desserts: Macarons – Caramel, raspberry, Peanut butter milk chocolate crunch  Housemade Lemonade – blood orange.

Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Dani with Restaurant Manager, Tori

Go check out Lemonade at Fashion Island that just recently opened on Monday, August 19th. There are a variety of options to choose from and they are centrally located next to the Island Cinemas Movie Theater on the second floor of the Fashion Island next to Native Foods Café.

Lemonade Restaurant Fashion Island
Lemonade Logo

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26 thoughts on “Check Out Lemonade’s Grand Opening At Fashion Island

  1. Looks like they have a lot of tasty food.. Love the way the place looks like too.. so open and big!.. From what it looks like.. 🙂 Never saw a buy buy pieces menu before that does all the way to 6 items.. pretty cool!..

  2. I love thier logo and their dessert window. Wow I could definitely eat here. Wishing them success on their new location in Fashion Island!

  3. I love reading your reviews. My inlaws were just in the LA area and actually visited this restaurant and they absolutely loved it. I cannot wait to get there and experience this restaurant. Thank you for sharing the details of this new place.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I am glad that your in laws had the opportunity to check out this awesome restaurant and I hope you get to go soon as well:) They have this restaurant in LAX airport as well:)

  4. Such a nice place indeed, the cafeteria style set up seems very relaxing. I really like the idea that I can actually have the option to taste anything I desire before ordering them, haven’t tried such great offer ever. Lastly, aside from the refreshing Orange Lemonade and their tasty foods the overall concept is impressive.

  5. The building reminds me of Hell’s Kitchen many years ago. You go to so many amazing places where the food looks great and the atmosphere is amazing. Your blogs are GREAT and informative!!!!

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