L.A. County Fair – Win A Family 4 Pack of Tickets And A Parking Pass


September 3, 2013 by danisdecadentdeals

LA County Fair 2013

2013 – Praying I Won’t Be 10 Pounds Heavier From Eating Too Many 10 Pound Buns LOL

Who does not totally love going to the county fair?  It is seriously one of my favorite past times. Last week I attended the media preview to try all of the fabulous fried food madness at the L.A County Fair and of course I was pleasantly pleased. I am happy to report there were also healthy options, such as smoothies from and the delicious chicken skewers from Chicken Charlies!

LA County Fair 2013

2013 Dani Going To Town on A Krispy Kreme Burger Sandwich!

The L.A. County Fair has some specials going on this year that I will share a bit about below! The fair started August 30th and will go until September 29th this year! Great times and they will be open for a full month! Find out details in this post about how you can win FREE TICKETS to the LA County Fair this year. The L.A. County Fair is located at the Fairplex in Pomona at the address 1101 W. McKinley in Pomona, CA.  To see Admission, Parking, and Carnival prices, click HERE.

LA County Fair 2013

2013 – Dirty Chips Specialty By Tasti Chips

Several promotions are also going on at the fair!  For all promotions available, see here: PROMOTIONS & DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE AT THE L.A. COUNTY FAIR!!!  You know me…I am a deals fanatic, so I am all about taking advantage of the awesome promotions listed above on the website. 🙂 Please also keep in mind that the fair is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.   There will be entertainment for all ages including concerts, competitions, attractions, animals, etc!

LA County Fair 2013

2013 Strawberry Fried Twinkie From Chicken Charlie’s

See below for my picture collage of past fun I have had at the L.A. County Fair as well as a variety of fabulous food yummies that will be offered this year that I had the opportunity to sample last week!!!  My favorite, you ask? Great question! 🙂 I would have to say I am in love with the strawberry fried Twinkie!!

LA County Fair 2013

Abbey Road Beatles 2012

For a chance to win a family four pack of tickets with a parking pass, please enter my contest here: a Rafflecopter giveaway
Go to my ABOUT ME section for contest disclosures to enter all contests! Good luck and I hope everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy the County Fair at least once this year! Even though this contest has come to an end, I have another FREE ticket contest going for the L.A County Fair in this post: TASTI CHIPS & L.A. COUNTY FAIR GIVEAWAY Good luck!

LA County Fair 2013

My Husband and I With Chicken Charlie

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73 thoughts on “L.A. County Fair – Win A Family 4 Pack of Tickets And A Parking Pass

  1. Joyce says:

    I would love to go to the fair.. looking forward to funnel cakes, rides & ziplining!! Thank you for the opportunity : )

  2. Emma says:

    I wanna go just to eat!!! My gosh all that food would be worth the 10lbs lol

  3. Heather miller says:

    I need some cotton candy in my life! Never been to this fair before looks like so much fun! 🙂

  4. justine b says:

    I love anything from Chicken Charlies!

  5. mistywilton says:

    The food is my favorite. 🙂

  6. Chau says:

    I love the fair food, and being able to spend time with my loved ones.

  7. Robert B. says:

    My favorite thing to do at the fair is walk through the halls where they sell all the cool things from crazy mops to beef jerky. Its always fun seeing all the new ideas people come up with.

  8. Tiffany Mann says:

    I have never been to the LA County fair, but my favorite thing to do at Del Mar fair is to eat. I love trying all the unique foods you can only get at the fair. The baby animals are also a favorite of mine.

  9. Ruby Lin says:

    I never been to LA county fair. It would be cool to go this year.

  10. kristy sanchez says:

    My favorite part of the fair is all the animals! Not a big ride person.

  11. Devon F says:

    Seeing the excitement on my daughters face on all the kiddie rides is the highlight for me. Precious memories!! 🙂

  12. Lisa says:

    I have never been to the LA County Fair but would absolutely love to experience it. I’ve gotten the chance to attend the OC Fair for two years and I love every aspect of it: the delicious food, the entertainment, the attractions, and the environment as a whole (especially when I was able to take my boyfriend for the first time – he loved it!). I will definitely be dragging him along for a treat before our schedules get busy with school.

  13. Ali Babcock says:

    I love the fair! The people, sights, and food of course. lol. Love taking photos too.
    But we have friends who are vendors, and we get to see them every year.

  14. Carolsue says:

    My favorite things are the rides. My kids love them!

  15. Gangesh says:

    Too many yummy food, I would love to go only for food.

  16. rmanea says:

    We don’t have a county fair over here… but it looks like a good time and great food.

  17. John Hurd says:

    From the looks of it I am certain that you really have a great time Daniele. Would you be so kind to share something about the Strawberry Fried Twinkie From Chicken Charlie’s, you did say that its one of you’r favorites, I really wonder about the taste. I hope its not that sweet. Thank You in advance.

    • Hello John:) The deep fried strawberry twinkie is pretty amazing..They cook it just perfectly and it is battered very lightly as to not overdo the deep fried portion.:) You can ask for lesser strawberry syrup if you don’t want it too sweet and there is decadent powdered sugar in top.:) Yum!!!

  18. Surrealsister photog says:

    Thanks for sharing, I am hungry now after seeing all these photos! Looks delicious!

  19. Robyn says:

    Oh.My.Word – our County fair does not even come close to this!!! Wish we were closer to LA!!

  20. Irene S. says:

    I love county fairs. I can’t wait for ours. My son is not in 4H so he will be competiting in events I am sure.

  21. Vene' says:

    ok…I just gained 10lbs from reading this blog…… 🙂

  22. Dov Shapira says:

    I’d love to go to LA, I and to cross Dani Road, I will pretend I am Ringo

  23. jagoterry says:

    Wow !! I can feel your fun… now to plan my trip to California !!
    Sorry don’t know any California peeps to share with 😦

  24. Looks amazing. Ours is coming soon…wonder what deep fried creation they have come up with?

  25. Melissa Dealmeida says:

    Me and my family love the L.A County fair!! Our favorite part is all of the animals- I love seeing my son feed the goats!

  26. Don Purdum says:

    I love fairs… Going to try to make it to the York County fair in York PA in the next week or so. So much fun!!!!

  27. Jim Striegel says:

    Great deal that I will share with all my California friends.

  28. Rita M says:

    That Chicken Charlie’s Yummy Healthy Chicken Shish Kabob looks pretty good. My L.A. daughter would love to take her daughter to a fair!

  29. ritam4 says:

    Chicken Charlie’s Yummy Healthy Chicken Shish Kabob look really good. I think my L.A. daughter would love this win!

  30. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I love seeing all the cool rides & yummy food!

  31. Scott Martin says:

    Sooo much food

  32. Raymond says:

    This looks like something I would totally attend to! The food, the environment, and people all seem to have fun at this fair.

  33. gen says:

    love the fair food never been to the la fair but been to the oc fair a couple of times

  34. Ann says:

    I love riding the ferris wheel; and tasting all that wonderful food!

  35. Pam Hoffman says:

    I’ve never been to the LA County Fair. Would love to go this year!! I love the radio ads every year too!!

  36. I Love to eat the food. I smell BBQ and then as I’m eating bbq i smell something else tasty. it is like i’m prego but not LOL Question? How do you go when it is 1 million degrees hot out?

  37. carrie patrick says:

    I don’t think I have ever been to the LA County Fair but I would love to take my 7 year old so we could eat deep fried everything.

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