tasti chips l.a. county fair giveaway
Tasti Chips Today

Have you ever tried Tasti Chips at the county fair in Southern California?  If not, you are missing out and must get to the L.A County Fair soon to check them out!  Tasti Chips have been around for almost 40 years serving California Fairs!  Founded by Grant Vartanian, he decided to bring a fresh potato chip to the fair industry.

LA County Fair 2013
LA County Fair 2013 Logo

Simple quality ingredients are used, such as fresh California grown potatoes, 100% pure peanut oil, and the finest cheddar cheese sauce money can buy and each basket of Tasti Chips is hand stirred while frying.  Potatoes used for Tasti Chips have been California grown and packed for over three decades by a family owned farm in Southern California. The Jim’s Dandy brand is a leader in the industry and is a certified packing facility.

tasti chips l.a. county fair giveaway
Tasti Chips Plain Freshly Made
tasti chips l.a. county fair giveaway
Onion Rings and Fresh Potatoes

Tasti Chips also use the highest quality of cheese available from Chefmate cheese sauce.  Cheddar cheese is first on the ingredients list.  Cheese sauce flavors come in “Classic,” Cheddar Bacon and Jalapeno.  For toppings, there are also real bacon bits!

tasti chips l.a. county fair giveaway
1972 Tasti Chips

The old Tasti Chips, when the company originally started were of a softer texture, instead of crunchy because there were no high efficiency fryers, like the ones used today.  The fresh sliced potatoes used to be cooked in baskets that were sometimes moved down a line of fryers to keep oil temperatures at their highest.

Tasti Chips are also a company that is conscious of the environment and they use energy efficient fryers that use 30% less gas, use paper packaging to reduce landfill waste, all oil is recycled and unused products are donated to local food banks!

tasti chips l.a. county fair giveaway
1995 Tasti Chips

Here is a tip I know my readers will LOVE!!!  Tasti Chips are GLUTEN FREE without any of the toppings. 🙂

The Menu of Tasti Chips is as follows:

  • Tasti Chips®
  • Onion Rings
  • Cheese Sauce with bacon
  • Cheese sauce with jalapenos
  • Chili and Ranch toppings
  • Ghost Chili Sauce

Chipotle BBQ (Dirty) Chips are the newest item this year.
Slow simmered beef, honey chipotle BBQ sauce, bleu cheese, shredded cheddar jack, diced tomatoes and green onion, topped with Sriracha aioli.

tasti chips l.a. county fair giveaway
Dirty Chips – Newest This Year

Fairs in Southern California that were serviced this year by Tasti Chips include:

AUG 16TH – 25TH
tasti chips l.a. county fair giveaway
Tasti Chip Going For a Dip

tasti chips l.a. county fair giveaway

I have great news!!!  I have partnered with Tasti Chips and the L.A County Fair (Tasti Chip’s last fair stop) to give away a family 4 pack of tickets to the L.A. County Fair with a parking pass and a FREE large order of Tasti Chips to one lucky reader on my blog!! Please enter my contest here: a Rafflecopter giveaway
. This is a second chance to win for those of you that entered my other L. A. County Fair contest last week!  Good luck!!!

tasti chips l.a. county fair giveaway
My Husband and I with Tasti Chips Vendor

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