C4 Deli – The Cure for the Common – New Restaurant Downtown Santa Ana


November 5, 2013 by danisdecadentdeals

c4 deli, downtown santa ana, artists village, new orange county restaurants

C-4 Deli Entrance

This restaurant may have opened only a few months ago, but it has already made a good name for itself! The place I am talking about that you really should check out soon is C4 Deli – The Cure for the Common. Owned and operated by Jeff Jensen and Jeff Hall, the same people that own the restaurant, Chapter One down the street, this NY Style Deli with a nice Wine Bar inside is sure to be a hit in the art district of Hipster Downtown Santa Ana.  C4 Deli is located at 200 North Broadway in the Artist Village of Santa Ana on the corner of 2nd & Broadway streets.

c4 deli, downtown santa ana, artists village, new orange county restaurants

Muffuletta Sandwich with salami, capicola, mortadella, olives, Emmentaler Cheese, and Aioli

I was at C4 Deli for the Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening Ceremony last week and the place was packed! In having the opportunity to sample several of the items on the menu, there was not one item that I did not like. They were all full of flavor and the feeling that I got inside of the restaurant was truly like I was in an authentic New York City deli. 

c4 deli, downtown santa ana, artists village, new orange county restaurants

Granny and I on a Lunch Date at Ruby’s on Balboa Pier

My family is all from New York. I was born there myself and when we moved my Grandma Rose to Orange County, California at the ripe age of 82 after living in Brooklyn, New York her whole life, she was less than pleased…For the next ten years of her life, until she left the earth at the tender age of 92 my Saturday lunches with her were consumed with trying to find a New York Deli in Orange County.  The closest we came was Jerry’s Deli in Costa Mesa and then it shut down.  I have to say…I instantly thought of Grandma Rose when I walked into C4 Deli and wished so badly she was with me by my side!  I know Grandma Rose would have been pleased!

c4 deli, downtown santa ana, artists village, new orange county restaurants

Awesome Staff C-4 Deli Pouring Liquor for me

Although at the grand opening celebration, it was a jam packed scene and I did not get to try the entire selection of tray passed sandwiches, I did have a variety of them and I was pleasantly pleased. At the grand opening celebration I sampled Grilled Cheese with Cheddar and Provolone, dill pickles, hearts of palm salad, chickpea salad, curried broccoli salad, pickled pasta salad, the “C4 all-beef hot dog, Muffuletta Sandwich, Turkey Sandwich, Reuben Sandwich and last but definitely not least the amazing cheesecake!  All of the items on the menu were made from fresh ingredients and the flavors in my mouth were small pieces of happiness.  My personal favorites above were the hearts of palm salad, the grilled cheese, and the cheesecake!  YUMMM!!! This is one restaurant in which I will be forced to order the desert no matter how full I am because that cheesecake still leaves memories on my taste buds!

c4 deli, downtown santa ana, artists village, new orange county restaurants

City Officials and Owners Grand Opening

C4 Deli utilizes fresh and local ingredients that are prepared in store to maintain the highest quality and integrity of each dish. Bread is baked fresh on site, meats are hand cured, and produce is pickled and made from scratch each and every day to insure the highest of quality. Detail is also given to the beer and wine selection presented at C4. All of the beverages compliment the offerings from the kitchen, while also encouraging the customer to try something new from boutique artisan producers that have a hands-on craft approach to producing their beverages. 

c4 deli, downtown santa ana, artists village, new orange county restaurants

Dr Brown’s Sodas – Popular in NYC

The beverage list is seasonal and reflects only the ripest picks. With more than one hundred beer, wine and cocktails offered, the goal is to invoke a comfortable yet rewarding sense of adventure. Additionally a large selection of craft beers and boutique wines are available to purchase and enjoy at home. 

c4 deli, downtown santa ana, artists village, new orange county restaurants

Pickled Pasta Salad

The deli’s interior pays homage to the Art Deco flair of the 1920’s with the simplicity of 1950’s style (arguably the two golden ages of the delicatessen concept.) These design elements can be seen in the 50’s style inspired counter service area, in the simple, clean herring boned natural wood flooring, as well as the white brass & natural wood finishes with Art Deco accents. 

c4 deli, downtown santa ana, artists village, new orange county restaurants

Turkey Sandwich

C4 Deli The Cure for the Common is a great place to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner and there is easily something there for everyone in your party to enjoy! 

c4 deli, downtown santa ana, artists village, new orange county restaurants

Hubby and I with French and Italian Liquors

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34 thoughts on “C4 Deli – The Cure for the Common – New Restaurant Downtown Santa Ana

  1. Samantha says:

    I definitely should have waited to read this after I already had some breakfast. Now I’m even more hungry! Lol born and raised in NY and now living in SC finding good NY style deli’s is a challenge!

  2. kungphoo says:

    That is why we don’t leave.. lol we love the food here!! There is a deli everywhere we look!! This one looks good!!

  3. You guys sure know good food and having a good time!

  4. Irene says:

    Everything looks so good, And my what a selection of Dr. Browns!

  5. Kelly says:

    Looks like a great place. Not many places use fresh and local ingredients in their restaurants anymore..

  6. We only have one Jewish Deli in Tucson that I can think of off the top of my head. This place certainly look like it has great food. The portions look really big too.

  7. Talas Annette says:

    Oh man, those deli sandwiches look droolingly good.

  8. Jeff Brand says:

    Looks amazing. Never heard or had pickled pasta!

  9. I sure would like to have this here! Looks so delicious!!!

  10. Lisa Hodges says:

    I have never seen a deli like this, but I’d like to!

  11. Brad Lynch says:

    You’ve done a great job here making me hungry! Can they open a location here?!:=)

  12. I thought I left a comment, but it’s not showing. Anyway…thank you for sharing this amazing place!

  13. Dov Shapira says:

    The chickpeas salad is is very inviting with dill pickle

  14. ladymarielle says:

    Yum, Lot of the food you mention above sound delicious. We have a deli that serves great smoked meats up in here in Montreal. Looks like C4 Deli has some great food. My bf would love the chickpea salad.

  15. Sharon Cobb says:

    That is a very nice looking place and great looking food! I think I must stop visiting the foodie blogs! 😛

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