michelle haut chocolat, soco, oc mix, costa mesa
Crystallized Rose Flower M Bar 2

A few weeks ago I attended the grand opening of the Michelle Haut Chocolat Store in Costa Mesa at the OC MIX at SOCO.  Michelle Haut Chocolat makes the finest artisan chocolates that could once only be found at celebrity house parties and awards shows, such as the Oscars, but as of last month Michelle Haut Chocolat opened their very first storefront at the fabulous OC Mix at SOCO in Costa Mesa! 

michelle haut chocolat, soco, oc mix, costa mesa
Tahitian Vanilla Bean Truffle

Chocolates served at Michelle Haut Chocolat include a fabulous variety of all sorts including gourmet truffles, handmade caramels, haut desserts, M bars in a variety of unique flavors such as rose petal and tea smoked salt…  The company makes their own custom chocolate blend that utilizes 73% bittersweet chocolate from Belgium! This makes me smile!  Belgian chocolates have always been a weakness of mine. 🙂   

michelle haut chocolat, soco, oc mix, costa mesa
Michelle Haut Chocolat Amazing Goodness

Michelle Pontius, founder and master chocolatier of Michelle Haut Chocolat states, “We are thrilled to share our passion for chocolate and introduce desserts that are handmade daily to the passionate foodies and savvy shoppers at SOCO and The OC Mix.”

When I attended the Michelle Haut Chocolat grand opening we got to experience a divine tea sampling in which we paired two teas and two chocolates.  My favorite pairing was the Tahitian vanilla bean chocolate made with a combination of hand ground vanilla bean pods steeped and infused with chocolate and a vanilla rooibos fizz tea from the Seventh Tea Bar in SOCO.

michelle haut chocolat, soco, oc mix, costa mesa
Michelle Haut Chocolat Grand Opening

Michelle Haut Chocolat got their start in a commercial kitchen in Laguna Beach making a variety of decadent products from the finest ingredients, with creation such as toasted coconut and black lava sea salt bars, pansy flowers and even a specialty chocolate for the launch of Jo Malone’s Pink Peony perfume!  All packaging for the truffles is sourced from Italy and wrapped in the finest paper from a plant called the Lotka that grows in Nepal!

michelle haut chocolat, soco, oc mix, costa mesa
Blood Orange Balsamic Truffle

My favorite product from Michelle Haut Chocolat was the blood orange balsamic truffle and for the M Bar varieties I would say I fell in love with the rose salt!  The rose salt M Bar had a fabulous blend of flavors including rose petal infused salt, petals are rolled in sea salt until the petals break apart coloring the salt a soft pink which literally melted in my mouth and brought joy to my evening.:)

michelle haut chocolat, soco, oc mix, costa mesa
Chocolate Love with Friends Grand Opening Michelle Haut Chocolat

Visit Michelle Haut Chocolat sometime soon to get some of the most decadent chocolate I have ever tried. There is such a great variety of options and definitely something for everyone’s tastebuds. Some truffles at Michelle Haut Chocolat include espresso bean, Tahitian vanilla bean, whisky, kaffir lime, and Italian lemon.  M Bars include: rose petal, pansy flower, rose salt, tea smoked salt, violet flower, rose flower, espresso bean, exotic chile cardamom and more….Believe me, these chocolates will definitely make your mouth happy and put a smile on your face!

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michelle haut chocolat, soco, oc mix, costa mesa
True Love and Chocolate

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