How to go Wine Tasting in Temecula for Half Price


March 18, 2014 by danisdecadentdeals

temecula, coupons, wine tasting, wine tasting half price

Temecula in the Ponte Vineyards

I love to visit Temecula on a regular basis to go wine tasting.  It is local to where I live and it is a much smaller area of wineries than any of my regular suspects such as Santa Ynez Valley, Napa Valley or Paso Robles. It is also has a very “mom and pops” feel since the wineries are all so close to each other and since it is only an hour and  a half drive from where I live in Orange County. 🙂 That is definitely a benefit to have a local getaway for a weekend place to go! 

temecula, coupons, wine tasting, wine tasting half price

Wine Tasting Coupons

I have personally visited Temecula about 20 or so times and it seems like I always still find a new winery to hit. I would like to share my inside tips with you about how I always go wine tasting for half price in Temecula! 🙂 Before I head to Temecula, there is one page I visit regularly to select coupons I want to have for my visit there and the page is the Temecula Winegrowers Association page, specifically the coupon link! This page is a Mecca of BOGO winery coupons as well as discount coupons for wine purchases and restaurants!  Visit here my friends and see for yourself –> TEMECULA VALLEY WINE TASTING COUPONS  

temecula, coupons, wine tasting, wine tasting half price

Dani Wine Tasting with Bestie Pegs

I usually take the time to print them all because when you are in Temecula you never know if you will decide to stay on the main winery road, California Street or veer off to the De Portola Wine Trail slightly off the beaten path and absolutely gorgeous!  Please keep in mind that the majority of the coupons on this page are good for use only Monday thru Friday, but read carefully because some of the dates and times do differ…such as the Callaway coupon that is always good 7 seven days a week! I love that one! 🙂 They usually have some great Chardonnay, but last time we were there they had a blend that was to die for and my friend and I ended up purchasing a whole case to split! 🙂

temecula, coupons, wine tasting, wine tasting half price

Groupon for Horseback Riding and Wine

Another way to save money while out and about wine tasting in Temecula is to first visit Groupon and Travelzoo prior to your trip! I have been fortunate to always find some fabulous deals for a great variety of wineries there that I love in the past, but make sure you buy them the day before you leave because Groupon only lets you use their deals the day after purchase.

temecula, coupons, wine tasting, wine tasting half price

Horse Back Riding in Wine Country with my Love





One of my personal favorite Groupon deals to buy if you get lucky and see it is for Miramonte Winery!  They recently redid their winery and the patio area is so awesome and even has live music on weekends and last I was there, they had brunch plans in the works to start soon. (I was there December 2013, so it is probably a really happening brunch by

temecula, coupons, wine tasting, wine tasting half price

Gorgeous View of Temecula Valley

now.:)) Another fabulous Groupon deal I loved was for Horseback Riding and Wine tasting…very worth the $150 for 2 people!  Stay tuned for my post about that…I do plan to share all about it in the future as well. 🙂

temecula, coupons, wine tasting, wine tasting half price

Dani with Manager at South Coast Winery Checking in to Villa

My favorite Travelzoo deals offered are for South Coast Winery. I have stayed there pretty much every time I have been to Temecula and used to even be a wine club member there.:) They have great red wines and the best rooms for the value when you purchase a Travelzoo package. All rooms are on the vineyard and have breathtaking views!  Travelzoo also puts out great deals for spa specials at South Coast Winery…Buy them when you see them!  Grapeseed Spa is hands down my most favorite spa to visit! We always have great service and I even have a favorite masseuse that I request every time I go!

temecula, coupons, wine tasting, wine tasting half price

Wilson Creek Winery – Awesome Almond Champagne

If you are heading out to Temecula and have never been, here are a few wineries I personally recommend: Ponte, South Coast Winery, Wiens, Callaway, Wilson Creek, Oak Mountain, Keyways, Mount Palomar, Lorimar and Miramonte.  There are many other wineries to visit, but these are some of my personal favorites! 🙂

temecula, coupons, wine tasting, wine tasting half price

Oak Mountain Winery



If you have any recommendations for anywhere to go in Temecula or any other ways to save mass cash when you go there, please share your thoughts with me below.:)  I would love to hear your ideas and opinions!  I do plan to write more about this destination as there are so many great wineries to see, events, restaurants and activities.:)

temecula, coupons, wine tasting, wine tasting half price

Wine Tasting Day with Hubby

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39 thoughts on “How to go Wine Tasting in Temecula for Half Price

  1. Iv never been on a wine tasting but i would love to try after reading this. thank you for the link on the coupon 😉

  2. Girl you so have the hookups! Do you ever find great deals on cars?

  3. I love saving a little cash when wine tasting. Now this is a Dani’s Decadent Deal

  4. ladymarielle says:

    I’ve been to a beer festival does that count? LOL Wine tasting looks like lots of fun!

  5. I have never been to a vineyard or done a wine tasting. Sounds like I need to have that experience. Thanks for the info!

  6. Kungphoo says:

    Thanks for sharing the great coupons! I love wine tastings and this winery looks fabulous!

  7. Jeff Brand says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing time and got to sample some good wine!

  8. That is on my bucket list to travel to a vineyard. Thank you for all the info!

  9. Jim Striegel says:

    How do you find all these amazing places to savor and sample?

  10. teresa says:

    Thank you for sharing, I do not drink wine but it looks like a good time:) and a great deal

  11. exploretemecula says:

    Thanks for the awesome tips on how to save money at our beautiful wineries!

  12. rochefel says:

    Never tried Groupon before but I guess I better start now. Would love to take a sip of those wines, too. 🙂

  13. pbacha says:

    I love Temecula! My sister used to live there and introduced us to some of the great wineries out there. So yummy! Great to know there are good budget ways to enjoy your time there. Thanks for the tips!

  14. Raquel says:

    Great suggestions Dani! Thanks for the coupons, we are heading there next month! Cheers!

  15. L.A. says:

    Great article with very useful tips. Temecula is a great little escape. Thanks 🙂

  16. […] Have you ever been to Temecula or visited any of the wineries I mention above? Please share your experiences below and don’t forget to also check out my article about how to go wine tasting for half price in Temecula here –> Wine Tasting in Temecula for Half Price […]

  17. Terry Vise says:

    Thank you for sharing! My husband and I are moving to Hemet soon and are not familiar with the wineries there. We’ve gone to a lot of wineries in CO where we’re from but have moved to NM and have lived here for 4 years also enjoy their wine tastings. We did try 1 winery recently in Temecula but didn’t care for their wine it was very dry and the tastings were expensive something we’re not use to. I did ask if they have coupons which they don’t but gave us around 6 – 2 for1 at other wineries. So don’t be shy to ask!!

    • Hello Terry. I love to hear it! Thanks so much for the comment! I think you will love the Temecula area. I have never been wine tasting in Colorado or New Mexico. That is awesome. What kind of wines are those areas known for? It is always a great idea to ask for two for one coupons when you go tasting. 🙂 Great advice! I always like to do that myself! Good luck in your move:) If you need any winery advice, I would love to help:)

  18. Rachel says:

    Hello! Thank you for your post! I live in the Inland Empire &visit Temecula pretty often. Jw if you know this… I recently visited Temecula for a friend’s wedding & they gave us the wine tasting tickets for Callaway & Wilson Creek. We weren’t able to use all the tasting tix & were wondering if we went back if we could still use those old tasting tix?

    • Awesome!! I always use wine tasting tickets from previous visits! As long as they have no expiration date on them and they do not say can only be used on weekdays they can still be used anytime:) I love saving those up so you can start at those places and see where the day leads! Don’t forget about the barrel tasting the last weekend of January! 😀👍

  19. […] at quite a few of the wineries and one of my most popular articles on my blog is about “HOW TO GO WINE TASTING IN TEMECULA FOR HALF PRICE.” Click Blue link on title to read all about it!  There are so many fun events that regularly […]

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