Slapfish, laguna beach, sustainable seafood
Dani and Owner and Chef, Andrew Gruel of Slapfish

Last week I was invited to a grand opening party for the newest Slapfish addition in Laguna Beach!  This restaurant is always one of our favorites to visit, but unfortunately living in South Orange County and the original location being in Huntington Beach, we have not had the opportunity to frequent there as often as we would like. This is why my hubby and I were both so excited to hear that a location was opening in South Orange County, in Laguna Beach!! 🙂  Their newest location is at 211 Broadway Place in the courtyard in Laguna Beach, California right in the main beach area!

Slapfish, laguna beach, sustainable seafood
Lobster Roll – Dani’s Personal Fave

Slapfish is an awesome restaurant to dine in that all seafood served is fresh and sustainable which means they are eco-friendly and do not over-fish any populations of fish that are in danger of extinction. Slapfish’s philosophy is, “We believe in taking wisely from the ocean, without harming the marine eco-system. Our seas must always be able to replenish themselves.”

Slapfish, laguna beach, sustainable seafood
Slapfish laguna Beach – You can see the ocean from your table

Upon arriving at the Slapfish location, we were pleasantly surprised that the seating outside was accompanied with an ocean view!  The awesome thing about this new Slapfish location is that it is the same fresh food you can enjoy at the classic casual Huntington Beach location in a fast paced atmosphere.  This new restaurant in Laguna Beach gives you the opportunity to dine at the restaurant or to order your food quickly and take it to the beach for a picnic. 🙂 I love that idea! 

Slapfish, laguna beach, sustainable seafood
Slapfish Famous Chowder Fries

The original Slapfish concept in Huntington Beach (they also now have one in Dubai) is a larger restaurant with an extensive variety of menu options and this new location in Laguna Beach has a slightly smaller menu with fast service on fresh sustainable Seafood items.  Slapfish started as a local food truck in Orange County and soon outgrew their truck and quickly became a brick and mortar restaurant. They have grown so quickly and I am so happy for them!


Slapfish, laguna beach, sustainable seafood
My Hubby and I grand opening Slapfish Laguna Beach

Slapfish includes an awesome menu in Laguna Beach where you can order everything from fish tacos to lobster rolls, well worth the market price and filled with delectable and flavorful lobster!  Some Slapfish signature menu items include creamy clam chowder at $5 a bowl & chowder fries (my mouth starts to water thinking of them) at only $6 a basket!  If you have never had these you must…I was instantly in love!! 

Slapfish, laguna beach, sustainable seafood
Mahi Slapwich with Chips

To make things easy at the Laguna Beach Slapfish, you can choose your meal in three quick steps.  Simply choose your dish, a Slapwich (sandwich packed into a split top butter roll, east coast style with all of the fixings), Fish N’ Chips, or a Salad.  Next choose your fish which is based upon what is caught and cooked fresh for the day (when I was there, my options included Hake, Mahi, or Shrimp) Step 3, you choose your cooking method, which is either grilled or crispy.  Do not forget they also have my personal favorite, the Lobster Roll which comes with whole lobster, clam chowder, corn, slaw, fries, sweet potato tots, drawn butter.  There are also several amazing side item choices.

You can also add sauces from this list:

Awesome Sauce – creamy smoked pepper
“Jersey” – creamy lemon herb
Rooster Cocktail – siracha spiked cocktail sauce
Tangy Grill Sauce – our version of bbq
Tartar Sauce – classic housemade
Signature Salsa – tomato style

Slapfish, laguna beach, sustainable seafood
Shrimp Tacos

This newest Slapfish also has a variety of 6 All Natural Fountain sodas, one of my favorite of them being the Shirley Temple!  I had never seen this option before as a fountain soda and I was anxious to trey it!  I loved it…I rarely drink soda and I went back for a refill!

Slapfish, laguna beach, sustainable seafood
Lobster Roll Protein Style (no bun)

Don’t forget to request “protein Style” if you have a gluten allergy or are just watching your carbs, Slapfish also makes everything protein style which would be any items packed between lettuce, rather than bread!  I am sure you will enjoy Slapfish as much as I do when you visit them! Let me know your thoughts below!  What is your favorite menu item? 🙂

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