TAPS, downtown brea, beer, bbq, brewmaster
Outside of TAPS and ready to party

This past weekend I was invited to a Beer and BBQ event at TAPS Fish House and Brewery located in Brea, CA with Taps Brew master, Victor Novak. I had never been to Taps before and was excited to attend.  When we arrived at Taps, we were pleasantly impressed with the exterior.  The architecture of the building was quite impressive and the space inside the restaurant was ample. 

TAPS, downtown brea, beer, bbq, brewmaster
Patio 1

For the event, we were invited to attend we were on the back patio and did not dine inside the restaurant.  The back patio was definitely amazing space and I found out that there will be more events throughout the summer on the patio, including an upcoming luau event and a seafood event!  There are also Sunday brunches offered weekly!  It was such an awesome place and I hope to go back for dinner to try the seafood and for brunch as well in the future.


TAPS, downtown brea, beer, bbq, brewmaster
BBQ and Salad Options

We were served a variety of bbq foods that included ribs, brisket, salads, fruits, chicken and more!  Executive Chef Manny Gonzalez and his team were on the bbq grills outside and definitely aimed to please. All of the food was made fresh throughout the event. See my photos for evidence! When another one of these backdoor patio events come up, they are definitely worth checking out!  For one price, the food and beer are included!

TAPS, downtown brea, beer, bbq, brewmaster
Dani and Brewmaster Victor Novak

The highlight of me for this event was to meet Brew master Victor Novak and sample his beers!  For the one fee to get in the bbq event, beer was also included and these beers were literally some of the best I have ever had!  I fell in love with a selection that Victor brewed called the Monk’s Passion, which was a Belgian Tripel blended with passion fruit nectar which was so delicious and refreshing.  At 9% alcohol content, I was shocked because I could not even tell. I think this beer could definitely get me into some trouble. 🙂



TAPS, downtown brea, beer, bbq, brewmaster
Beer Options

In addition to the Monk’s Passion, some other beers we sampled included Lips of an Angel – A Belgian white with a kiss of cherry, M Joe – A light bodied wheat ale with orange blossom and wildflower honey flavor, 5% alcohol, Remy Con Java – A Russian Stout made with Portola Coffee lab coffee, chocolate and a hint of vanilla, 12.3% in alcohol, Orange County – A Cream ale blended with Orange Blossom Water, and last but not least, The Remy Ooh-La-La, A Russian stout blended with blackberries, chocolate, and vanilla, also at 12.3% alcohol!

TAPS, downtown brea, beer, bbq, brewmaster

I thoroughly enjoyed each and every sip of these beers and many people at the bbq event were almost in tears when the taps on the beers were turned off!  I normally am not a huge dark beer person and I could not get enough of the Remy Beers.   The Orange County was very easy to drink and the M Joe went down smoothly as well.  Seriously…if you like beer, you must check these ones out!  In speaking with Victor, he informed me that the beers that were at the event were brewed for that day and that there are about 50 different types of beers he has brewed for the Taps Restaurant.  He likes to keep the flavors seasonal and fresh. I loved his concept because restaurants always seasonally change their food and this way he can also change the beers he brews to seasonally pair with the dishes served in the restaurant.


TAPS, downtown brea, beer, bbq, brewmaster
Pie Eating Contest – Before and After

After enjoying delicious bbq and still sipping on our beers, there was a pie eating contest!  Sorry, I did not participate but I was able to get some great video and pictures of the three contestants. See them here in my article. 🙂

I will definitely be visiting Taps Fishhouse in Brea sometime soon to check out their regular menu served in the restaurant as well as their Sunday Brunch!  I absolutely love seafood and the dishes there look phenomenal!  Have you been to Taps? Please let me know what you think below and if you are a beer lover…get in there soon because you will be impressed!!!

TAPS, downtown brea, beer, bbq, brewmaster
Dani and her Friend with Growlers

On a side note, Owner, Joe Manzella of TAPS Fish House & Brewery in Brea Downtown is excited to partner with owner and Chef Charlie McKenna of Lillie’s BBQ (currently 2 locations in Chicago, IL & one in Destin, FL) on the grand opening of the fourth Lillie’s BBQ, this summer coming to Orange County, also in Brea, CA!  The bar will feature special brews for Lillie Q’s brewed by Victor Novak, Brew master of TAPS Fish House & Brewery, including a variety of classic styles of European and American ales and lagers. Lillie Q’s received the award “Best New BBQ Restaurant in the Country” by Food & Wine magazine in 2011. Check them out when they open in Brea at 240 South Brea Boulevard!  Hope to see you there!!


TAPS, downtown brea, beer, bbq, brewmaster
My Awesome Arrnagment of Growlers, Beer and Sunflowers

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