Eureka Irvine, irvine restaurants
Dani at Eureka Irvine

Last weekend I was invited to dine at the restaurant, Eureka! Irvine to check out their newest location that opened a few weeks ago! The restaurant, Eureka has been consistently growing and they even have another restaurant soon to open in Dallas, Texas on December 8!  In the past I had visited their Huntington Beach location. Click here –> EUREKA HUNTINGTON BEACH to read all about it. 🙂 

Eureka Irvine, irvine restaurants
Eureka Irvine Interior 2

Eureka Irvine is located in a shopping center right next to the college, UCI in Irvine. With a convenient location for college students as well as both north and south Orange County, the restaurant is open and airy.  When I arrived at the University Center, I was excited to check out the restaurant & all of the changes in the shopping center. As a long time resident of Irvine (it is where I grew up) it is exciting to see all of the new development going on, as well as all of the new restaurants and businesses in the area.

Eureka Irvine, irvine restaurants
Our amazing server Mikey bringing our dessert – Eureka Irvine

My friend and I were promptly seated and were placed with an amazing server by the name of Mikey that definitely treated us well!  We were also very impressed with General Manager, Jason Tonelli as he was willing to answer any questions we had and he was very personable and friendly.

Eureka Irvine, irvine restaurants
Peggy with her Bloody Mary – Eureka Irvine

First we ordered some drinks! I had the Allagash White, a light and refreshing Belgian White beer and my friend got the Bloody Mary.  There is a special on Bloody Mary’s on Sundays and they only cost $5!  This was a big Bloody Mary decked out with every ingredient you can imagine and was a great value for only $5!!

To start our meal we shared a plate of the Shishito Peppers and the Watermelon Salad which were both great choices.  Jason had recommended the Shisihito Pepprers to us and they were absolute perfection!  I am not one that enjoys anything spicy, but he assured me that these were full of flavor but not spice…He also said that one in like a 1,000 of them are spicy so he was praying I did not get that one!  Luckily, I did not until I ate my leftovers at home, but that is another story. 🙂  These peppers were sprinkled with salt and fresh lemon and a small bit of fresh tobiko on top and priced reasonably at $8.

Eureka Irvine, irvine restaurants
Watermelon Salad – Eureka Irviine

 The Watermelon Salad was a nice large portion and could have easily been one of our entrees if we were not sharing.  The flavors were fresh, delicious and full of flavor. This salad’s ingredients included: arugula, kale, lemon vinaigrette, homemade quinoa, watermelon, feta cheese, toasted walnuts, and balsamic glaze.  I felt very healthy eating this salad and we enjoyed it up until the last bite! At $11.50, this was a great deal!

Eureka Irvine, irvine restaurants
Fresno Fig Burger – Eureka Irvine

Next we moved on to our main course and while each made the same choice on our burger, the Fresno Fig Burger ($12) made with fig marmalade, melted goat cheese, bacon, tomato, red onion, arugula, & spicy porter mustard with signature hand cut fries, I opted for the standard hamburger, but switched to sweet potato fries instead, and my friend ordered a turkey burger patty.  Both of these burgers were delicious and moist in flavor.  I would recommend both of them!  The flavors of toppings on this burger blended perfectly together and while I was scared of the spicy mustard (because as I said I don’t like spicy) it was blended perfectly on the sandwich and was not spicy at all!

Eureka Irvine, irvine restaurants
Butterscotch Rum Pudding – Eureka Irvine

Lastly for dessert, we could not resist the Butterscotch Rum Pudding ($6) with whipped cream, caramel sauce, & flaky sea salt. This was an item I had tried before, but it was so decadent and rich in flavor, I cannot visit a Eureka Restaurant without ordering this amazing delicacy!!  This one you must get if you are a sea salt and caramel lover like me! While we had to pack some of our burgers to make room for this amazing delight, we still were able to finish this dessert all the way down to the last bite! 

Eureka Irvine, irvine restaurants
Dani with a beer – Eureka Irvine

Have you visited the restaurant, Eureka yet? I would love to hear about your experiences below and what items you would recommend I try on my next visit!

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