When my hubby and I first started to enjoy wine, we did not know our Cabernet Sauvignon from a Cabernet Franc. We started off with several sweeter varietals like White Merlot and Gewurztraminer and slowly moved into more big bold reds. We joined the Wine of the Month Club in 2000 to receive scheduled wine shipments to learn about the different varietal of wines and their properties. We soon discovered which type of wines we enjoyed and which foods we could pair with them.  When my husband (boyfriend at the time) discovered Wine of the Month Club, we would get super excited when our shipments would arrive at the front door and we could experiment!

Each month, tasting notes would arrive for the wines selected and we would add them to our Wine of the Month Club book and we would discuss what we tasted in each and every glass as we would try them. 🙂 We belonged to the Wine of the Month Club for many years and enjoyed the program thoroughly!  We discontinued our membership at some point when we were getting ready for our wedding in 2005 because we were trying to cut down on monthly spending. Good things have a way of reintroducing themselves back into your life. When Wine of the on the Month Club reached out to me to provide editorial review about their wine program, I got very excited and it rekindled that old feeling when my husband and I first started dating! 🙂  

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 Paul Kalemkiarian, President of the Wine of the Month Club bought the club from his father in 1990 moving from the software industry into the wine business and he never turned back!  Wine of the Month Club started as a small liquor store in Palos Verdes. The “Palos Verdes Wine & Spirits” quickly became one of the premier wine shops in the Los Angeles area. Paul Jr.’s dad, Paul Sr. would offer a red and a white recommendation to customers once a month that were always located in the front of the store.  As the club grew, packages started to be delivered to people’s homes for the monthly wine selections!

Wine of the month club, wine
Wine of the Month Club shipment with paperwork that comes with each shipment
Wine of the month club, wine
With my love Wine Tasting in SoCal

Today the Wine of the Month Club is an awesome club that is FREE to join with a variety of different wine club options to join.  There are never any dues, fees or unexpected charges. You simply pay for your wine only & receive a free wine education that includes tasting notes about each wine, a free book to place the three whole punched tasting notes cards, recipes and more!  One of my favorite items that came with my Wine of the Month Club Shipment was the Wine Vintage Chart that shares about different wines throughout the world with their different years ranging from 2000-2015, varietals, maturity, and ratings. 

Wine of the month club, wine
Dani with Wine of the Month Club Shipment
Wine of the month club, wine
Dani with Wine of the Month Club Shipment

Paul carefully hand selects the wines himself for each of the 11 different wine clubs, which include:

  • Classic Series – (most popular) This is 2 hand selected wines delivered to your door. ($24)
  • Limited Series – Upper Tier club that highlights collectible wines with aging potential. ($45)
  • Vintners Series – Interesting styles from varied regions that are scored for best value. ($34)
  • California Series – 2 red wines monthly from California regions only. ($29)
  • Cellar Series – 6 bottles every other month ($72)
  • Case Club Series – Case of wine each quarter ($144 each shipment)
  • Mystery Case Series – ($99)
  • Napa Series – Every other month ($50)
  • Bordeaux Series – Every other month ($50)
  • Rose Series – from around the world – ($40)
  • Pinot Noir Series – ($80)

The wines I received in my recent shipments included the Vina Robles 2016 Chardonnay from Monterey, California, Mocine Rosso Toscano (Super Tuscan) 2015 from Tuscany, Italy and a Summers Merlot, 2015 a Reserve wine from Sonoma County.  Each of these wines came with tasting cards that included information about the nose (scent), food pairing, palate, finish, color and how long the wine can sit in your cellar before you have to open it to drink.  I love this feature of wine of the month club and there is room for you to make tasting notes on the back of each card. 

Wine of the Month Club also gives you the option to reorder the bottles you love for an economical price either individually or as a case.  For example, the price of the Vina Robles Chardonnay at retail value is $24.99, but as a wine of the month club member, it is $22.48 & if you would like to reorder this wine, it is available for only $13.99 a bottle! 

Wine of the month club, wine
Wine of the Month Club – Summers Merlot and Vino Robles Chardonnay from Wine of the Month Club

The Wine of the Month Club is an awesome gift for yourself as well as for others and if you decide to join or send to someone else as a gift, please use my promo code: DANIDLS to get 10% off your purchase of any wine club of your choice!  This wine club rocks! Happy Holidays!  Enjoy your vino! 🙂