Dave and Buster’s Fun At The Outlets In Orange


December 31, 2012 by danisdecadentdeals

Dani, Tom from & Suki from at Dave & Buster's

Dani, Tom and Suki at Dave & Buster’s

I recently had the opportunity to visit the gorgeous revamped Dave and Buster’s at “The Outlets in Orange”, previously called “The Block” in Orange, California.  I was pleasantly pleased with my surroundings as there were three distinguished dining rooms, each with an individual theme and feel. One room was an upscale dining room with all white dining chairs (and I must add, they were quite comfy as well!) In the all white dining room was a classy bar.  Another one of the dining rooms was a friendly classic Americana atmosphere.  There was one room with pool tables where they also accommodate events and parties and do catering as well.  The last room to be noted where you can also dine as well was the game area. The gaming area had games, a bar, and tables where you can socialize, eat, and drink. The room we had the pleasure of enjoying our fabulous meal was the room all decked out in white.

Chargrilled New York Strip - Dave & Buster's

Chargrilled New York Strip – Dave & Buster’s

Dani with Beer tap - Dave & Buster's

Dani with Beer tap – Dave & Buster’s

I must admit, I had not eaten at Dave & Buster’s in awhile. The last time my husband and I ventured into the Vegas Style establishment, we simply went in to have a few drinks and play some games. I was pleasantly surprised by the food at Dave & Buster’s this time and thoroughly enjoyed all of the dishes that we sampled at our table.:)  Not only was the food top notch, we also tried a variety of fabulous new cocktails offered on the menu and got to take home our shot glasses and signature cocktail glasses that are yours free with the purchase of select shots and cocktails.  Please see pictures below for the fabulous foods we had the opportunity to sample.

Poppin' Potatoes - Dave & Buster's

Poppin’ Potatoes – Dave & Buster’s

Eat & Play Combo Ad - Dave & Buster's

Eat & Play Combo Ad – Dave & Buster’s

I would like to elaborate on a few of the offers that are available at Dave & Buster’s that can guarantee a pleasant evening of eating, drinking, and gaming…Dave & Buster’s truly allows you to be a kid again. The first offer is the most economical of the Eat & Play Combos.  For $15.99, you can choose from eight entrees that include; Parmesan Crusted Chicken Caesar Salad, Chicken & Shrimp Rockefeller, Legendary Goldfingers, Black Jack BBQ Chicken, Fried Shrimp Platter, The Philly Cheesesteak, Dave’s Double Cheeseburger, or Build Your Own Soft Tacos (chicken).  You can also double you power card to make your value $20 for only $23.99!

Blackened Chicken Pasta - Dave & Buster's

Blackened Chicken Pasta – Dave & Buster’s

Dani with General Manager, Ralph Norwood - Dave & Buster's, Orange

Dani with General Manager, Ralph Norwood – Dave & Buster’s, Orange

The second offer that Dave & Buster’s advertises is for $17.99.  With this combo, you get to choose from three entrees, Cajun Shrimp Alfredo, Island Grilled Trifecta, or the Build Your Own Soft Tacos (Steak) and you get a power card worth $10 to play games all for only $17.99!!  You can upgrade and pay $25.99 to get a $20 power card instead as well.

Legendary Goldfingers - Dave & Buster's

Legendary Goldfingers – Dave & Buster’s

Dani with a variety of yummies at Dave & Buster's

Dani with a variety of yummies at Dave & Buster’s

Another offer with food and games is the $19.99 option that includes a choice of one of these 5 entrees: Teriyaki, Sirloin Steak, Fire Grilled Salmon, Bistro Steak & Shrimp with Lobster Alfredo, Black Jack BBQ Chicken & Ribs, or Peppercorn Sirloin or Chargrilled Sirloin Steak and you get a $10 power card as well. To get a $20 power card, you can upgrade and pay $27.99.

Chicken & Shrimp Rockefeller - Dave & Buster's

Chicken & Shrimp Rockefeller – Dave & Buster’s

Make a Wish Foundation Desert - Dave & Buster's

Make a Wish Foundation Desert – Dave & Buster’s

A recent offer that is ending December 31, 2012 was to help donate to grant wishes for children with life threatening medical conditions through the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.  To participate in the promo, you can purchase a wish star for $1 and have the option to receive $5 of free game play with the purchase of $10 game play or purchase an entrée and receive a free appetizer.  This offer to purchase a wish star must be completed by December 31, 2012 and the game play or appetizer certificate must be used between January 1, 2013 & January 31, 2013.

Black Jack BBQ Chicken & Ribs - Dave & Buster's

Black Jack BBQ Chicken & Ribs – Dave & Buster’s

The Lawnmower (one of my faves) - Dave & Buster's

The Lawnmower (one of my faves) – Dave & Buster’s

Honestly, the prices are quite reasonable at Dave & Buster’s for a nice dinner and there is of course the option to play games and have some drinks. It is a one stop party shop where you can have good times with friends, family, and your loved ones.  Even though it is more of an adult friendly atmosphere, parents can also bring their kids to join them for the fun when they are unable to get a babysitter.

Specialty Drinks - Dave & Buster's

Specialty Drinks – Dave & Buster’s


Mountain O' Nachos - Dave & Buster's

Mountain O’ Nachos – Dave & Buster’s

To guarantee a fun night out on the town, visit your local Dave & Buster’s in your neighborhood.  Please visit the website to see what promos are offered at your local Dave & Buster’s as some of these items may differ.  If you are in the Orange County/Los Angeles area, I definitely recommend checking out this awesome establishment at The Outlets in Orange where it is a great place to shop till you drop as well as enjoy a fabulous & extensive menu of a wide variety of items, as well as yummy cocktails and games.  The staff at Dave & Buster’s, as well as the General Manager, Ralph Norwood are definitely ready to accommodate. For a fun and friendly welcoming environment and a night of excitement, visit your local Dave & Buster’s today!

Dani with lots of yummy foods:)  Dave & Buster's

Dani with lots of yummy foods:) Dave & Buster’s

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53 thoughts on “Dave and Buster’s Fun At The Outlets In Orange

  1. Jessie Gollihue says:

    The newly rebuild Dave and Busters at Opry Mills in Nashville is also a delight! FYI after 10 it’s 18 and up. If you are eating in the restaurant with children they don’t make you leave but they will come to the table to ensure you are aware. So for those singles it’s a great place for adults, just remember if you want to stay out late and go here hire a sitter.

  2. […] participating restaurants include Rainforest Café, ESPN Zone, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, Dave & Buster’s, Catal, The Melting Pot and The Ranch Restaurant. Additionally, local breweries will be present […]

  3. rmanea says:

    My wife and I went here on one of our first dates a long time ago! We morphed a picture of ourselves to see what our son would look like… its pretty close..

    • Awesome! Sounds like my hubby & I was one of our first dates too and although we did the morphing child machine, we never had kids so we don’t know if it is what they would look That is so cool to know the machine works:) Thanks for the comment:)

  4. rozbeads says:

    Great adv for them. Hope you send it to their marketing company

  5. rozbeads says:

    Great write up for them. Hope you send it to their marketing company.

  6. Thank you so much for the tips and suggestions, I use to go at Dave and Buster’s, and love their Philly cheesesteak, now I know what to order!

  7. Great tips, pics and suggestions as always! Thanks so much. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts.

  8. Susan Hinds says:

    Sounds like a wonderful place to visit – Thank you

  9. susanhinds670430081 says:

    Thank you Dani – sounds like a wonderful place to go

  10. I love Dave and Busters. We have bought food there before and it is reasonably priced if you purchase the play combos.

  11. virtualgurus says:

    I’ve never been to Dave & Busters before… but reading this sure makes me want to!

  12. Dave & Busters looks like a great place for adults to play like kids but eat like adults.

  13. Yvonne Brown says:

    What do the poppin potatoes taste like?

    Yvonne Brown

  14. Well everything looks soo delicious!! Would love to try the Black Jack BBQ Chicken & Ribs!! Will have to go visit there someday 🙂

  15. Looks delicious like usually.

  16. Great blog here! Love the pictures and I always seem to get hungry while here 🙂

  17. I love their new menu, amazing food and service

  18. Denny Hagel says:

    Wow! Another place on my bucket list! Thanks!

  19. Makes me what to check out the D&B out here in Orlando! Thanks for the great pictures and info!

  20. Wow! Great D & B review. Thanks for sharing with us.

  21. Delia@eosgrafx says:

    Ha, this time I just had dinner before reading your post, Dani 🙂 Those potatoes look the best!

  22. Wow…looks like you are having a great time….and so much yummy food…thanks for the ideas if we ever get there!

  23. symgirl says:

    My mouth is watering as I read the menu you experienced at Dave and Busters in Orange. You find the most amazing places to wine and dine yourself!

  24. Never heard of poppin potatoes….you always have the most interesting reviews and deals!

  25. Dawn Lanier says:

    Dave & Buster’s sounds like a great place and the food has my mouth watering 🙂 Wish Orange was a bit closer to me – I’d make a mad dash over there! Thanks for the great review.

  26. […] Dave & Buster’s originally opened in Dallas, Texas and they now operate 66 restaurant/entertainment complexes throughout North America. Dave & Buster’s is a great place to go for entertainment, food and fun, whether it is with a small group or a large group, there is always a little something for everyone!  . I love Dave & Buster’s and last year I reviewed the location at the Outlets of Orange. See my article here to read about the amazing food and games –> DAVE & BUSTER’S at the OUTLETS OF ORANGE […]

  27. […] about the entire menu offered at Dave and Buster’s, please refer to my article here –> Dave & Buster’s in Orange.  There are such a great variety of menu options in addition to a great number of arcade games as […]

  28. Oscar says:

    Hеllo! ӏ’ve Ьeen reading your web site for a while now and finaply got the bravery to ցo ahead ɑnd giѵе үou
    a shout oսt fгom Austin Tx! Juust ԝanted to saү κeep up thе excellent

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