Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach

Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach – WIN A $25 GIFT CARD

Sea Legs Wine Bar Storefront
Sea Legs Wine Bar Storefront

If you like good food and wine, there is an awesome place to go located in Huntington Beach and it is called Sea Legs Wine Bar. It is located in a strip mall off of Adams and Beach Blvd. in the city of Huntington Beach.  There are fabulous wine and food selections to choose from. I wanted to share about my experience at Sea Legs in which I went to check out the four course meal (really 8 because two items come with each course to share) with wine pairings included…I must say I was pleasantly impressed and I know you will be as well.

Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Gorgeous Display Sea Legs Wine Bar
Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Yummy Wine

As we strolled up into the shopping center, we could see it was a lively place. I remembered the center from back in the day when I used to shop for fun and funky clothing at Zac Attac which is long gone since the 90’s, but now housed in the same shopping center was a fun bar called “Tumbleweeds,” a frozen yogurt store and several other great places.  The location of Sea Legs is fabulous being so close to the beach.

Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Dani And Executive Chef Alexander Dale

Executive Chef Alexander Dale and owners Alicia Whitney & Lisa Nonemaker, as well as all of the wait staff and hosts in the restaurants make you feel very welcome as though you are dining with some good friends.:)  My husband and I both thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the service and the amazing food!!

Sea Legs Wine Bar 1/2 Price Wine Wednesdays
Sea Legs Wine Bar 1/2 Price Wine Wednesdays
Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Fresh Summer Salad

For our first course we received a glass of Fragrant Snare Chardonnay Blend from Paso Robles paired with Sea legs summer salad that had fresh arugula, strawberries, oranges, figs, feta, candied walnuts, with rose white balsamic vinaigrette. The other item they served with the chardonnay was lump crab cakes with lemon tarragon aioli & micro celery. Both of these dishes were pretty amazing. I am a huge salad person and if I can get a salad that is fresh with a variety of different ingredients than the norm, it certainly makes my taste buds

Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Fragrant Snare Chardonnay Blend From Paso Robles With Lump Crab Cakes

happy.  The lump crab cakes were also definitely something to write home about. They were perfect in moistness as well as flavor.

Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Fragrant Snare Chardonnay Blend From Paso Robles
Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Zotovich Syrah From Santa Barbara With Drunken Forest Mushroom Crostini

The second course was presented with a glass or Zotovich Syrah from Santa Barbara. I love Syrah and Santa Barbara is one of my familiar stomping grounds as I love to go wine tasting regularly, but I have not yet been to this vineyard, but I definitely need to go now…mmhhmm…hints of cherry and a warm smokiness definitely tantalized my taste buds.  When it was paired with course 2 which was a drunken forest mushroom crostini with

Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

forest mushrooms sautéed in Chianti and mixed with asiago cheese, micro basil and herb oil served on toast points also with a serving of prosciutto wrapped asparagus with roasted tomato, pine nuts, and lemon juice, I was definitely in heaven!!  My mouth was watering over the succulent foods and wines I had just tasted and my tummy was getting full, but there was no stopping there…On to course 3!

Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Sea Legs Wine Bar Happy Hour Specials
Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Cabernet Sauvignnon From Forces of Nature from the Paso Robles Region

I must say before mentioning the next wine…these wine pours were VERY generous…so you will definitely be maintaining a relaxed feeling even with all of the food dancing on your table. 🙂 The next wine was my personal favorite and it was a Cabernet Sauvignon made by Forces of Nature from the Paso Robles region.   I am definitely no stranger to wine as it is usually part of my four food groups. 🙂 I

Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Truffle Macaroni And Cheese

LOVE the Paso Robles wine region.  This wine was bold in flavor with many fresh fruits, yet a tobacco smoky blend arrived on my tongue and there was a pleasant soft finish. I would definitely buy this bottle!  The Cabernet Sauvignon was served with a Bulgogi marinated Flank Steak served with fingerling

Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Bulgogi Marinated Flank Steak Served With Fingerling Potatoes

potatoes, Mirin glazed roasted Brussels sprouts and pickled onion with a large side of truffle macaroni and cheese that was comprised of three cheeses, truffle oil, and encrusted with white cheddar! By this point, as you can imagine I needed two containers to take my leftovers home…but wait after the succulent, tender steak and the fabulous cheesy truffle mac, there was still another course?? Oh yes my friends…read on…

Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Salt Of The Earth Muscato Sweet Wine With Bananas Foster French Toast

For the last course we were served a Salt of the earth Muscato sweet wine with bananas foster French toast. What could b e better than breakfast for desert?? 🙂  This was made from a housemade brioche, bananas, walnuts, cinnamon rum, and caramel sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream! In one word…AMAZING! I definitely needed to do a double dose of my elliptical machine after this meal 🙂

Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Guest Book To Write In After Meal – Sea Legs

If you would like to check out Sea Legs Wine Bar in Huntington Beach for yourself and see what it is all about, please visit them when you can and you too will be pleasantly impressed. I have one gift card for $25 to give away to one of my lucky readers!  Enter contest here:  a Rafflecopter giveaway
Go to my ABOUT ME section for standard contest disclosures.  Good luck and I hope you make it out to Sea Legs Wine Bar soon!!

Sea Legs Wine Bar Huntington Beach
Wine Menu – Sea Legs Wine Bar

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  1. I’ve never been to Sea Legs and I go to HB to visit my folks twice a month! They keep us busy! Can’t wait to try it out for a rare date night! Thanks Daniele!

  2. Good food, nice place and mouth watering wine, a perfect place to dine with a special someone. How can we avail about the gift cards, and can I have discounts for having such Gift Card?

  3. Wonderfully written article DDD….you had me at “drunken mushroom crostini”….Can’t wait to give this place a try.

  4. You know me and my wine… and love checking out new wine bars I haven’t been to before… This has an extra bonus: the food! =)

  5. It’s just down the street from my house. I definitely need to go and check it out, hopefully with a $25 gift card tehehe.. 🙂

  6. I have never been to Sea Legs before. I live in San Diego and come up to Huntington Beach several times a month. I am interested in trying the four course meal with wine pairing.

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