Total Wine and More Huntington Beach Wine Classes
Dani at Total Wine And More Huntington Beach

A few weeks ago I was invited to check out a wine class at Total Wine & More. For those of you that know me I am a huge wine person. Anyway, moral of the story is I love wine, so when I found out about classes being offered at Total Wine & More that teach you about different wine regions around the world I got pretty excited!  Total Wine & More has beer, wine and spirits classes all over at their different stores. Certain classes are only held in certain regions, so be sure to check out the list of classes before figuring out which one to commit to. You can see the full list of classes here at their website. TOTAL WINE & MORE  

Total Wine and More Huntington Beach Wine Classes
Class Brochure
Total Wine and More Huntington Beach Wine Classes
Dani With Her Booklet Ready To Learn About French Wine

I was personally interested in a class on French Wines called, Romancing The Rhone” that was being offered at the Total Wine & More Huntington Beach Location on the date and time I happened to be available.  Although there are a variety of different classes to choose from, this one stood out to me because when I was in France in 2010, we traveled to Nice & Paris, but since we were on a whirlwind trip of so many different European countries, I did not have the time to sample the wine properly. All I had the opportunity to try were some crappy French wines at touristy cafes that were sitting on top of the Louvre or at the touristy beach area in Nice…hence my passion for the Romancing the Rhône’s class was born!

Total Wine and More Huntington Beach Wine Classes
From the Interior of HB Wine Classroom

Upon arriving at the Huntington Beach Total Wine & More location (I had never been there before) I was pleasantly impressed. The store was large in size and the variety of liquor options within the store were plentiful for literally any type of wine, beer or spirits…Of course I ended up shopping after the class. The building was 75,000 square feet, just to get an idea of store size!  The selection of wines alone within the store carries 2,000 different bottles for under $10!! This is definitely the place to pick up a bottle on the way to a party!

Total Wine and More Huntington Beach Wine Classes
California Wine Map
Total Wine and More Huntington Beach Wine Classes
Mark Hard at Work

The class was located to the left side of the store towards the middle. I was shocked to see a full classroom with pictures on the walls exploring the different wine regions. I was excited to check it out! Our instructor introduced himself and let us know he was a sommelier…Very impressive…Those are hard courses to get certified!  I am acquainted with “The Michael Jordan” of wine (great guy by the way!!!) and believe me…it is a lot of work to become a sommelier!! Our course instructor was very knowledgeable.  He had a fun and jovial personality. His name was Mark if you ever make it out to the Huntington Beach location for a wine class.  I recommend him! He was awesome. 🙂

Total Wine and More Huntington Beach Wine Classes
Mark Instructing Us

There was a projection screen in which we were able to go through slides about each region of the wine, as well as the climate, the type of soil, and the aromas and properties of each wine.   There were 11 wines in our tasting plus an extra added to the end making it 12 wines! This was well worth the $25 fee of the class!  There was a plentiful amount of water, cheeses, fruits, and crackers for consuming while enjoying our wines to freshen the palate and to not get sloppy drunk. 🙂 Also, fat is known to take away acidity of wines, so the cheese is a must with some tangy wines or ones that have too many strong tannins that make the mouth pucker. (Those are personally my favorite wines. 🙂 ) Of the wines we tried, all of them were sold at Total Wine & More!

Total Wine and More Huntington Beach Wine Classes
Wine Region Map

In the class we learned how to taste the wines by looking at the color, smelling the wine, swirling the wine and then tasting the wine. There was a great variety of whites and reds from the two distinct regions of the Rhone Valley, the Southern Rhone Valley, which is the oldest growing region in all of France, 2nd largest in wine production behind Bordeaux, and the famous areas, include Chateauneuff-du-Pape & Gigondas.  The other side of the Rhone Valley is Northern Rhone and this area is much smaller in acres, they are most famous for Syrah for reds & Viognier for whites. Famous areas in this region include Core-Rotie & Hermitage. 

Total Wine and More Huntington Beach Wine Classes
Wine Tasting Price List and Coupon

At the start of the class we received a sheet with the entire price breakdowns of the wines we were sampling so we could have the option to buy them at thee end of the class. They ranged in price from $9.99 – $49.99 and we also each received a $10 off coupon to purchase any amount of wines that totaled over $50 just to be used on the day of the class.

Total Wine and More Huntington Beach Wine Classes
Wine Tasting Sheet With Fresh Fruits and Cheeses
Total Wine and More Huntington Beach Wine Classes
Instructor Mark and I After Class Picking Out French Wines

After finishing up our wine tasting class, we noticed that Total Wine & More also offers 10 cent wine tasting on weekends…and it was Saturday, so what did we do next?? Of course we paid our 10 cents and tried 7 varietals in the store! That is definitely a whole other event I recommend checking out! Please let me know if you have ever been to a Total Wine & More class below. I would love to hear about your experiences! 

Total Wine and More Huntington Beach Wine Classes
Rhone Valley Wines for Sale in Total Wine and More HB

For a listing of Total Wine & More locations, look no farther than right here:

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Total Wine and More Huntington Beach Wine Classes
Wines From the 10 Cent Tasting


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